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Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Over the past years, the rivalry between two of English football’s most successful clubs; Manchester United and Liverpool has been a thrilling one. It has involved a lot of clashes and player rivalries but things have changed quite a bit in recent times because City have become the bigger club from Manchester in the recent years. This has been as a result of United largely spending the last couple of seasons delivering somewhat underwhelming and unconvincing performances that have seen them fail to win the English Premier League title in almost ten years now since Sir Alex Ferguson last did so and retired back in 2013.

The Manchester United vs Liverpool fixture has witnessed a lot of great players in the past, including Cristiano Ronaldo (during his first stint), Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Carlos Tevez, the Neville Brothers, and many more. There was always something to look forward to whenever this fixture was fast approaching as it always promised some fierce atmosphere and some heated scenes as well.