Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Soundtrack : UEFA Champions League Remix

A Cool song that is from the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 I have no clue who is the artist or what is the title, i just locate it good, so I uploaded it.

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25 Responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Soundtrack : UEFA Champions League Remix”

  1. StamfordSupernova Says:


  2. narv2010 Says:

    Outstanding, on of the best soundtracks ever 😉

  3. facstudiosproduction Says:

    @MrDinhoDC it has in both

  4. lil7assan Says:


  5. narismagas Says:

    great song my favourite

  6. Joel996bar Says:

    great song !

  7. NapaLm86punk Says:

    awesome song

  8. amabisk0 Says:

    This soundtrack is from PES 2011, but yes, from 2010 too.

  9. thepack8 Says:

    I love this song

  10. G0odf3lla Says:

    The UEFA Champions League Anthem, officially titled simply as “Champions League”, is an adaptation by Tony Britten of George Frideric Handel’s “Zadok the Priest” from the Coronation Anthems. UEFA commissioned Britten in 1992 to arrange their anthem, and the piece was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and sung by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields chorus in the three official languages used by UEFA: English, German, and French.

  11. AkaStuediWismar Says:

    who sings the original ? also the artist ? this track is hammer and I know only from him game… who can help me there ?

  12. G0odf3lla Says:

    @neoandmorpheus123 true !

  13. neoandmorpheus123 Says:

    I agree….Great song…reminds me of enigma….

  14. JeReL19 Says:

    I don’t care if they recycled this from last year, it’s epic as heaven. I’d play this just walking around the house to feel upedy.

  15. MrDinhoDC Says:

    r u idiot?

  16. lavdimi80 Says:

    @MrDinhoDC maybe they didnt change it u fucking dumb ass dick face stop acting like your somthing . stupid cunt

  17. Daxter500800300 Says:

    @G0odf3lla no its really pes 2010 the song is available on PES 2011 but its not the title song of it..

  18. groente12 Says:

    I really love this one 😀

  19. Y2JCodes Says:

    Been looking for this shit. Thanks a lot, definitely out of the best songs.

  20. tsiou91 Says:

    great remix from PES. Maybe the best song at all PES until now,my opinion..

  21. djbitter1 Says:

    Great version. Favourite. And thanks to them that they put it again in recent PES. !

  22. Xivinux Says:

    they’re in both games

  23. Xivinux Says:

    they’re in both games

  24. G0odf3lla Says:

    @MrDinhoDC Huh, sorry, it’s not. I recorded it directly from PES 2011 game …

  25. MrDinhoDC Says:

    this is pes 2010