Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 ‘Manchester United vs Lyon Gameplay’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

►► Don’t forget to pick 720p HD◄◄ Complete match among Manchester United and Lyon (not me enjoying) Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo Wii & Pc Publisher: Konami Developer: Winning Eleven Productions Genre: Sports PEGI Rating: RP Release Date: US: November 10, 2010 EU: Q4/2010

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25 Responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 ‘Manchester United vs Lyon Gameplay’ TRUE-HD QUALITY”

  1. JGonzalez241 Says:

    Is this xbox 360 (live) or PS3 (network) ? Because I’m thinking of getting 360 to play online.

  2. cjnovo15 Says:

    i complain about the fifa commentary all the time but looking at this game without it seems..boring

  3. fiony100 Says:

    I got to admit, Konami does a really good job recreating the replays from the uefa champions league

  4. HaldamirElensar Says:

    7:48 that was close! O.o

  5. Youkickmydog1988 Says:

    Much much much much much much much much much better than Fifa!

  6. dutyman62 Says:

    7:52 –>unlucky


    Ok FIFA 11 is better gameplay and stuff, but we need champions league that beginning session this game was way to realistic, and made me love the graphic’s, the replays and celebrations are impressive in here, but ya we should combine or atleast get champions league for FIFA 11, but PES is still impressive , FIFA 11 owns though!

  8. Scar476Mod Says:

    01:06 Rooney normal 08:27 rooney if gloves lol wtf

  9. Haugli93 Says:

    0:59 what kind of gloves is that lmao, looks like winter gloves, sorry pes once again you fail on this generation console, FIFA Ftw!

  10. andyfuckingard Says:

    Gob smacked at how shit this is, played iss n pro evo for fucking donkeys and even thought
    da last 1 was pretty good, but this!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant even take da players names of da screen and whats wit the big fat cursor on each player!!!!!! Sort it out man even i may hav to go fifa..

  11. ViperDansta Says:

    since when is man utds tunnel on the middle of the stadium

  12. nestaguit Says:

    Esta muy bien el juego!

  13. stugutts Says:

    I find it funny that they have a PS3 advertising sign on a 360 game

  14. zahinobcool Says:

    I hope PES will combine with Fifa. I bet, it will be the top selling game ever 🙂

  15. DROGBA408 Says:

    Always Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. nathan9011 Says:

    this is on laptop

  17. hisyaz100 Says:

    @markybyeah He off the comentator

  18. jonhjacksnake Says:

    @markybyeah amen

  19. j5o14jq222 Says:

    Hes a ugly fucker that roony

  20. TheHandyAlexander Says:

    Why no tackle’s

  21. TheHandyAlexander Says:


  22. Michael7Owen Says:

    legendary mode..?

  23. markybyeah Says:


  24. dbspd4d29 Says:


  25. tomkat69pc Says:

    looking at this, i recognize the players got the wrong footgear – konami should give them skates instead – that would fit perfect to the movement ..