Liverpool Addresses Anfield Concerns

There is no doubt that Liverpool is committed when it comes to addressing concerns of not only its team but also the residents of Anfield. This was in reference to the concerns faced by residents on match day. The residents staying in the vicinity of football stadium raised an issue over capacity of Anfield which was increased to over 54,000 followed by the Main Stand opening in 2016. However, Liverpool did acknowledge the issue and did all it takes to ease the concerns faced by the residents.

The head of the operation of Infield Simon Smith did reveal the issues. Smith said he had attended forums of a few residents and the feedback regarding the match day was not positive. There were issues related to parking and littering and so on. Smith said as a club, they have to ensure that they are good neighbors and would be unfair to see them suffer. Therefore, the club will take all required steps to make situations better.

Liverpool has taken intuitive to make the overall process of parking simpler by hiring additional attendants for parking. Besides, a special team to pick litters has been employed to clean the streets near the stadium every two hours post completion of a game. The club is trying to make sure that when you supporters visit Anfield, they should not only respect community but also the surrounding area. The forum dedicated to fans also gave an update regarding a Supporter Charter proposed by the club to make the current situation better. Andy Hughes, the chief operating officer of Liverpool said there is a clean process involving an investigation, which would be conducted and the result of the same will be placed before a panel prior to any sanctions which get triggered. These are some of the steps taken by Liverpool, which will indeed resolve the issue of residents.

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