Liverpool FC stars take the 188BET Skills Challenge

Movie Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to “Liverpool FC stars take the 188BET Skills Challenge”

  1. kristofer sigmarsson Says:

    hi =)

  2. Panaderoass1 Says:


  3. liverpool fc Says:

    haha look what shelvey is doing at 10:27

  4. David Fox Says:

    I thought this was a special olympics ad

  5. kristofer sigmarsson Says:

    hi =)

  6. Rupert Steffler Says:

    Well he’s not much of a scorer but he’s been pretty useful lately. He’s only young too so he’s not doing too badly. Maybe not worth 20 million yet I’ll give you that aha

  7. MrCaptainMoose Says:

    Frimpongs Gay

  8. GreenRingGaming Says:

    Until the Norwich game

  9. Emmanuel Frimpong Says:

    Ikr? So that’s where the £20 million went…

  10. Emmanuel Frimpong Says:

    I posted that comment 3 months ago, plus it has 30 od likes so people know what i’m talking about…

  11. jfp32123 Says:

    yeah not really

  12. Podolski394 Says:

    Stewart Downing go home you are drunk

  13. Annnnnnnnika Says:

    Škrtel forgetting how to pronounce his own name? Awkward 😀

  14. polskax94 Says:

    hendo like a beast 😀

  15. TheRVPSTRIKER Says:

    LOL everytime caroll did something he won! xD

  16. Daniel Raj Says:

    downing the liverpool legend

  17. m allif Says:

    skrtel is a funny man!! 😀

  18. MinceTrolls Says:

    ksi reference…

  19. Emmanuel Frimpong Says:

    11:18 Shelvey’s head is shining :O

  20. Rupert Steffler Says:

    Aha that was actually such a sick shot though

  21. ahmad mangera Says:

    11:19 Nice shiny head.

  22. LetsTalkSense1 Says:


  23. Nick Buckle Says:

    loving jonjo’s look down at the chest, flick his face gag at 10:27

  24. themusti235 Says:

    lol they didnt put Gerrard because it would be unfair to the other players