#InBrendanWeTrust 3 | Liverpool FC | Season 2012/2013 | HD

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24 Responses to “#InBrendanWeTrust 3 | Liverpool FC | Season 2012/2013 | HD”

  1. GitsyBoy Says:

    City won’t win the league ever again once those money providing arabian cunts leave the club you will become what you are once and what you will be . . .

    a shit hole of a club

    And glory hunting fans (LIKE YOU) will end up browsing on rival videos and disliking them with desperation. Replace Brendan Rodgers with “The lucky italian arse that won the premier league title with money power” on your sentence, then we’d have a deal.

  2. SteveMCFCful Says:

    Brenda rodgers is a joke

  3. Andrew Nolan Says:

    “Slating the team wont help them in any way” Chelsea fans should take note of this

  4. TheWickslfc Says:


  5. coxyliverpool1 Says:

    Ynwa fuck the haters

  6. Dr3g0s Says:


  7. Ali G Says:

    Audio Network- Mars

  8. Ali G Says:

    Whats the name of the song?

  9. shadi haiek Says:

    song name?

  10. 4evalfcfan2k Says:

    I’m seeing real desire & grit from our team this year ! Take the Man City match, we fallen behind 1-0 early on in the game, did we feel sorry for ourselves. No we got back up and fought we had a 2-1 lead over “The Champions” at one point ! Progession is fantastic, our players look up for a fight ! Top 4 is only 9 points to play with teams below us & Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton at Anfield. Don’t stop believing, back the players and the manager.
    #InBrendanITrust !

  11. Mwansa Ndemi Mbewe Says:

    Are you assuming Suarez being on fire, Gerrard remaining uninjured(inspite of playing every minute of every game), Enrique, Downing and Henderson playing well a thing of chance? Come on open your eyes and see the facts, Rodgers man management is great and we will see the results of the new system eventually, maybe not this season but hopefully next. Also our defence is terrible at keeping the ball which is what Rodgers wants but once that is sorted we will be back in the Champions League. YNWA!!

  12. Moritz Fandoe Says:

    i love king kenny done last season, its amazing and what ever happen he always be the our KING.. but for now its brendan time, our team is working progres but moving forward to be better.. he doing great job for the club.. so give what ur believe in king kenny to brendan, after all what matter is, we still support the same club, the same song we sing every game, wins, lose or draw.. inbrendanwetrust.. YNWA.. Indonesian supporter

  13. Sung B. Says:

    Liverpool is the greatest club on Earth and Brendan Rodgers is doing a great job for the club. He is the missing key we needed for Europe once again. He has brought Liverpool to a fast-paced attack-minded passing team once it was. He revived Suarez, Henderson, Downing, Enrique, Sterling, Johnson, Carra and most importantly our one and only captain Gerrard. Yes, it has been hard. Yes, it has been giving more pressure on the defence (Skrtel, Agger, Coates, Lucas), but they too, will grow. YNWA

  14. lincolnaire Says:

    4th place is still possible in the next 13 matches YNWA

  15. IanRush77 Says:

    I have no problem with brendan, but I think Kenny was much better. Fact is Kenny had a solid defense but wasn’t getting results due to bad luck and poor finishing. Now Suarez is on fire and we’re conceding so many stupid goals. AND Kenny had a injured Gerrard, a a banned Suarez, and a very poor goalkeeper in Reina, who was in poor form last season. Had Kenny had Suarez in current form, his squad would be working wonders.

  16. SuarezElNido7 Says:

    Absolutely amazing and inspirational video! I like you believe Liverpool and will until the day I die. We have to support them as much as possible in order to give them confidence and hunger. Where are all the fans?! It is time to wake up and start supporting the team. We will rise again! YNWA

  17. Gaurav Sachdev Says:

    Amazing!!! Your every #inbrendanwetrust videos have a message 3

  18. muharres95 Says:

    best vid about lfc i ve ever watched , huge respect <3 i will always support brendan cause i know shat a smart manager he is YNWA pls give him time

  19. Seina Hayuku Says:

    2090 viewers and no Dislike~ Good video mate~! YNWA!!

  20. TheNikalfc Says:

    In Brendan I trust because liverpool is going on the right way so let him doing his job and give him full confidence.
    Ferguson hasn’t created manchester utd in 1 day

  21. Jan Johannesen Says:

    Now this is what I’m talking about! Friggin AWESOME movie! MASSIVE Goosebumps!

    Stand by your club and player and YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!

  22. MsAgent56 Says:


  23. nonpeople90 Says:

    by looking at your comment, u are new fans dont u ??
    NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB, understand this dude, look at Arsenal, eventhough they lose RVP but where r they now ?? rank above us in the league !!! all the Liverpool players n manager need right now is time to prove themself & our fully support no matter win, lose or draw !!!
    Rome Does Not Build In One Day

  24. Evgeny Petriman Says:

    song please!