Gerrard on a golf course

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25 Responses to “Gerrard on a golf course”

  1. Ben Gibbons Says:


  2. Tony Glasø Says:

    He was AMAZING against UTD 🙂

  3. szabika1995 Says:

    Yes YNWA, other 2 teams will be relegated.

  4. Fakhruddin Kamal Says:

    Liverpool take a look at Burak Yilmaz from Galatasaray

  5. Outasights Says:

    Never forget Carra mate.

  6. xinglu li Says:


  7. xinglu li Says:

    how can you know what i said?google?i can write,but my english listening is not good.thank you for the advice. 谢谢你的建议,谢谢你的帮助

  8. EdddyyTv Says:

    Absolute Legend. liverpool legend. big respect from a norwich fan!

  9. AndyOMahony1992 Says:


  10. TheDragon594 Says:

    Love gerrard love liverpool ynwa

  11. Xiaodan Shi Says:


  12. 98reds Says:

    1:02 I was next to sahin in the front row

  13. patchh15 Says:

    Arsenal fan: Absolute legend. Different players in little ways but as an Arsenal fan I have huge hopes that Wilshere follows by example from this captain fantastic.

  14. TheConnorboii Says:

    The next generation of lfc players need to be like gerrard

  15. TheConnorboii Says:

    Him reina are really the only descent Liverpool players who play for the shirt not the money

  16. Aaron Quevedo Says:

    Probably mancs disliked the vid

  17. MazinMohamadAli Says:

    WTF are talking about…dumpass.

  18. footieannpt1 Says:

    I’m a big Stevie G Fan, he always plays for his SHIRT, there are not many players like him in the game to-day, I can go back to the days of the great BILL SHANKLY, oh dear I’m giving my age away, but us oldies know a thing or two about the great game, my nickname is Footieann, that should tell you something about me. They say “A sporting mind is a healthy mind” that’s me then living until I’m at least 100. YWNYA x

  19. Rex67Diego9 Says:

    i think you are putting to much on Gerrard for that goal
    he made a bad mistake but its not like he lost it in our area, he lost it around the midfield circle and Cazorla made at least 40 yrd run to score so where was our defense line?
    Gerrard made a mistake yes but its not just his fault, this pure start of the season is Gerrards fault in a 1/11 i think the whole team was pure at the start and i think now all they have a better understanding of this new gameplay
    brighter days for anfield coming

  20. OnlineSoccerAcademy Says:

    World class on and off the field.

  21. xXxMarkkeyxXx Says:

    U R SO MAN BRO!!!!

  22. Sumit Aggarwal Says:

    Why does Lampard always have to come and make a *Dislike*.. Twat !!

  23. MrManBuz Says:

    Yeah and whos mistake was it that directly led to Arsenals second goal? Gerrard gives a wayward 7 yard pass and then we knows what happens after that,Dont get me wrong I love Gerrard but hes been laying no where near his best but hes getting there just like the rest of the team,The performances have not reaped the rewards we deserved but they’ll come, YNWA

  24. LFCfan1993LFC Says:

    If jonjo can learn to tackle and pass like gerrard… He would BE the next generations GERRARD! He’s so similar!

  25. BlackMountainScar Says:

    He’s a Red through and through, if he really wanted to go, he would’ve went and that would have been the end of it. He would have been hated for treason by Pool fans but he stayed and showed his loyalty… 99% of players would have went to Chelsea at that time with Mourinho there and the money they were throwin about. They were PL champions at the time and won it again the following year. The PL is the only thing Stevie hasnt won but he showed he would rather stay with the Pool. Thats Loyality.