According to a Liverpool fanzine, former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has said that he is confident that the new manager after the helm Brendan Rodgers will be a major success. Liverpool recently secured the former Chelsea assistant manager from Swansea. He has immediately made a significant change to the Liverpool first-team by adopting a passing style of football. Rafael Benitez remains as one of the most successful Liverpool managers in recent years, as he has helped the club lift the Champions League title not so long ago in 2005. Benitez has said that he is a little surprised that he was not considered for the role as the Liverpool manager when Kenny Dalglish was sacked in the summer.

However, he has said that is more than confident that the replacement for Kenny Dalglish – Brendan Rodgers – will be able to do a good job at Liverpool. Benitez once again stressed the fact that his era with Liverpool was one of the most successful because they managed to lift the ultimate price for a club team in Europe – the Champions League. The club has not come close to playing in a Champions League final since then. He has also said that Liverpool have not even played in the Champions League for the last three seasons.

“I think they have enough quality to be in the top four — that’s my impression. Now because they are in a bad position people say ‘no chance’, but I think they have enough experience, quality, young players and the desire so I think they can compete. When a new manager goes in to a big club it is not easy especially when you have owners who need to understand more about this country, the club and football, but I have confidence they (the team) will do well,” said Rafa Benitez in a recent interview.

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