FIFA 13 – Liverpool FC – Squad Ratings – Max’s Premier League Predictions [EP6]

Video clip Rating: four / 5

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24 Responses to “FIFA 13 – Liverpool FC – Squad Ratings – Max’s Premier League Predictions [EP6]”

  1. Joel Daniel Says:

    are you sure suarez rating is 8 ­čÖü

    he was´╗┐ very bad last season

  2. UnclePiggy612 Says:


  3. Kyle Jones Says:

    You’re a bitch, probably´╗┐ a United fan.

  4. Kyle Jones Says:

    “Get owned on sons”? Sorry but i don’t speak retard, that makes no sense.´╗┐

  5. ObtuseSam Says:

    get´╗┐ owned on sons, now jog along before i cockslap you

  6. Kyle Jones Says:

    You write too much useless´╗┐ shit, go die.

  7. ObtuseSam Says:

    Rooney scored nearly 40 goals last season, Suarez scored less than 20. But suarez is obviously better because he can´╗┐ nutmeg players
    suarez is the best player in the world!!!

  8. shagrath37 Says:

    Skrtel is 83 – Ferdinand is 84, Agger is 83 – Vidic is 89 ??… and how the hell is A.Young´╗┐ 85 ??… Fucking bias´╗┐ ratings by some Scum Utd EA Sports motherfuckers !

  9. shagrath37 Says:

    no I´╗┐ think a rational rating would be 88-90 since punks like Rooney are on 90

  10. fordulaad Says:

    lucas, a´╗┐ fucking 78? i’ve watch that guy bully the likes of yaya toure, fellaini, lampard, scholes and giggs simultaneously,

  11. ObtuseSam Says:

    this isn’t accuare at all. suarez should be 95 as he is´╗┐ better than messi

  12. ObtuseSam Says:

    apart from he has been awful for´╗┐ 2 years

  13. Nillan Suarez Says:


  14. BlackBergtatt Says:

    Grow up.´╗┐

  15. pavan151 Says:

    he should´╗┐ be atleast, 82

  16. KavHD10 Says:

    That high? He’s Liverpool’s´╗┐ best player!

  17. UnclePiggy612 Says:

    yeah i´╗┐ dont know how hes that high

  18. varment01 Says:

    allen 74 r u fucking´╗┐ kidding

  19. KavHD10 Says:

    Lucas 78? Piss off!!´╗┐

  20. cubestack Says:

    yeah lol, he is better at distribution than any other goalkeeper in any league my friend…so we don’t need´╗┐ your useless stats

  21. Freedom92253 Says:

    kicking 60. Your´╗┐ a fucking retard

  22. Matthew D'Arcy Says:

    AGREE shocking goal keeping

  23. John Maynard Keynes Says:

    This. Gerrard is what keeps the Reds alive. The moment he retires, Su├írez will´╗┐ have to carry Liverpool in his back, like he did with Ajax.

  24. smiley0800 Says:

    you should be happy you are still 4 1/2 stars! how can you expect your players to have decent ratings when liverpool were terrible last season? there´╗┐ defence is leaking goals. and 4 stars would be justified. get real.