Anfield Magic Moments

Featuring some classic Anfield action, from Steven Gerrard to Kenny Dalglish to Jamie Carragher. A video clip to say goodbye to a football cathedral, with an emotional You’ll By no means Stroll By yourself at the the finish. New music: The Beatles – Let It Be

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25 Responses to “Anfield Magic Moments”

  1. jimbot1980 Says:

    Some great moments here, to which you could add several more, perhaps Geoff Strong’s header against Celtic in the 1965 UEFA cup semi-final could’ve been there? Thanks for posting.

  2. lalakers1984 Says:

    for the 16 years i have been on this planet i admit my team have never one the league but i still have faith it will happen soon. i get asked all the time why do you still support liverpool i answer cause i aint a gloryhunting scum fan. liverpool forever.

  3. chaddie60 Says:

    @footydan2k10 Your hope may well come true.

  4. chaddie60 Says:

    Statement still is correct he is just doing it for decent club now.

  5. loldasist Says:

    Torres sucks!

  6. AdyBita1 Says:


  7. footydan2k10 Says:

    i hope the day never comes when we leave the greatest stadium in the world 🙁 and the kop :'(

  8. Robokuyt Says:

    @Commentatorsuck Stevie is the greatest bar none.

  9. newandbetterpj3 Says:


  10. newandbetterpj3 Says:


  11. tomppa1974 Says:

    R.I.P The Kop.

  12. PrzybyLFC Says:

    But this is real magic moment in Old Trafford…watch?v=XvjuGze80WI&feature=related

  13. msb4000 Says:

    I think this is the most magic Anfield moment:

  14. PrzybyLFC Says:

    8 – Everton and United fans…

  15. Krzisnik162 Says:

    I really hope they RENOVATE it! Bot build another one thats bullshit. You can’t get Liverpool out of our home! MU is in the same stadium, only a little renovated. Why should we build a new one? I think it costs a LOT more to build a new stadium than just get more seats, expand it … Anyway me too, Liverpool Football Club ’till I die! YNWA’s from Slovenia. (plus how come this video has only about 70k views?)

  16. MrRunforyourlife Says:

    i really hope they build another stadium at anfield and not shift to another one. anfield is the reason why liverpool exists. we are the anfield loyalists…shifting to a new stadium is like humans shifting away from the earth.

  17. Commentatorsuck Says:


  18. TifosiYCFC Says:

    @1985shaz Anybody know a good plane firm that I can hire? I’ve got a team full of Mancurian fuckwits that need to be killed somewhere in Bavaria. Go and comment on your own video you insensitive arse bandit

  19. kaxo1989 Says:

    EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS—-> guys everyone knows that now liverpool has bad TIME. some of the liverpool fans decided that big red army IS DEAD. no its fucking shit ! LISTEN UP ALL LFC FANS. LOVE THIS CLUB AND LETS HELP LIVERPOOL AND SUPPORT THIS CLUB. SAY : LIVERPOOL TILL I DIE

  20. 1985shaz Says:

    any body know a gud fence i cn get that will stay strong wen lent on by bout 96 people haahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah mufc till i die

  21. irishchrisc Says:

    Kind of “jumping the gun” or “Counting the chickens before they hatch” with this video, don’t you think??

    The new Anfield will/should be bigger and better. Season tickets applications have a 15 year waiting list. I do not want to here about a 60,000 seater stadium. Liverpool could fill a 70,000 seater easy for any big game. Here is a idea to the powers that be. CHEAPER TICKETS!! Full a 70,000 seater week in week out!!

  22. irishchrisc Says:

    @TifosiYCFC RE: Just to point out, Liverpool used to play at Stanley Park, but other than that, great video

    No they didn’t! Everton used to play at Anfield. They didn’t/wouldn’t pay their rent. so the ground owners kicked them out and formed the Liverpool of today.

  23. irishchrisc Says:

    @1beerguzzler1 It is not the terrace/stand that makes the Kop It is the unique fans of Liverpool that make the Kop

  24. lfcheart Says:

    Love the harmonic moment you made at 2:00, SteJayy 😉 Lots of great memories there 🙂 YNWA!

  25. HtWtMj Says:

    You”ll never walk alone