King Kenny unveiled as Liverpool boss

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20 Responses to “King Kenny unveiled as Liverpool boss”

  1. tommart123 Says:

    @bal0telli Liverpool 3 – 1 Man unt.

  2. themachman19691 Says:

    nice to see king kenny back where he belongs.the man is a legend and a respectful one at that.

  3. bal0telli Says:

    @metaldigger West Ham 3 – 1 Liverpool


  4. metaldigger Says:

    @bal0telli…whom do u support??? Scumchester? Chelski?? do u see Lfc fans trolling on other club videos???
    We have a life…jog on cunt face !!!

  5. Ezganker Says:

    @bal0telli mario is shit and hasn’t proven anything other than he is a spoilt brat. Kenny is a fucking legend

  6. nb964eva Says:

    @bal0telli well actually judging on the recent results we are definately not finished and now all of a sudden we go from europe being out of question to a possible champions league spot? your pathethic… LONG LIVE KING KENNY! YNWA

  7. ghandaia89 Says:

    This man is the epitome of class. Well done Kenny…long live the King.


  8. MrGoogeybear Says:

    Good Luck King Kenny… YNWA

  9. adv9xx Says:

    @bal0telli are you sure? we aint finished yet as people suggest !

  10. bal0telli Says:

    “You dislike this video. Thanks for the feedback!”

    Because I hate Liverpool and love the fact they’re finished.

  11. kopking5 Says:

    Frauds gone! Woy gone! Kelly gone! The KING BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JamesEngland60 Says:

    A really special part of footballing history and let’s hope he takes us back to the glory days.

  13. borntobelegend Says:


  14. aiyic Says:

    I fuckin LOVE him!

  15. kenmareracers Says:

    welcome back king kenny YNWA

  16. HajdeNtbh Says:

    All round the fields of Anfield Road
    Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and could he play!)
    Stevie Heighway on the wing
    We had dreams and songs to sing
    Bout the glory, round the Fields of Anfield Road!


  17. ASAMOAH24 Says:


  18. coockable Says:

    KING KENNY THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. PaulJ1977 Says:


  20. chloejono Says:

    the king is back