2005 Champions League Final Liverpool Football Figurines

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25 Responses to “2005 Champions League Final Liverpool Football Figurines”

  1. Craig Woods Says:

    Some of the defending was a bit statuesque there. 

  2. GunEng Tan Says:

    Fantastic !!! You’ll Never Walk Alone

  3. XabiAlonsosCousin Says:

    great job mate, hope you enjoyed the great win against Spurs!

  4. jonaswerenskjold Says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t like this? But nice job on the soundtracks..

  5. Qimie Suso Says:

    Owner of this video is Cheah? From Malaysia right? How can I get his email?
    Callum, please hit me through my email qimie_liverpoolfc@yahoo.com
    regarding figurines you sell. thanks.

  6. Danny Mosquera Says:

    haha well done mate very creative

  7. Callum Russell Says:

    hi, send me a list and i’ll see what I got. I have 1000’s.

  8. Ahmad Ikhwan Says:

    Even by watching this, i still get goosebumps. You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  9. MsReds1892 Says:

    congratulations bro. what a creative idea and u’re so lucky to be picked as
    the winner by our great captain, steven gerrard. plus, to watch a Liverpool
    match which ended a comeback win will be unforgettable memories.

  10. imahcanggun Says:

    congrats for the win.. the video is really creative.. i bet u had fun at

  11. Izzul Azri Says:

    Good luck bro, very creative. You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  12. LiverpoolFC YNWA Says:

    so creative lolol YNWA mate

  13. MsReds1892 Says:

    i’m quite interested

  14. fajar nugraha Says:


  15. Ryan Yong Says:

    What;s Balotelli doing there? 00:57 XD

  16. Joshua Khoo Says:

    this video is class and epic haha

  17. Chitsanupong Apiwuttipong Says:

    อยากได้สแตนไมโครอ่ะคร้าบ ซื้อที่ไหนเอ่ย

  18. Nabil Danial Says:

    heard that gerrard likes this

  19. MeiMory Says:

    Congratz bro! YNWA

  20. cherry Yang Says:

    Great jobs and share ur experience to all the msians fans…

  21. mottttt8 Says:

    serius creative !

  22. Callum Russell Says:

    I’m selling loads of Microstars, including Liverpool one’s are you
    interested? Thanks.

  23. Nur Suhaili Ramli Says:


  24. FearIzzuGT Says:

    event its just the figurines….. its touched me…. YNWA

  25. Danial Jaafar Says:

    One of the most memorable nights in my life