West Ham 3-1 Liverpool – THOUGHTS?

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25 Responses to “West Ham 3-1 Liverpool – THOUGHTS?”

  1. PvtFreddy Says:

    Not pointing at you, but ha ha to Suarez! He left us to go to Liverpool and now look what is happening. Luis Suarez you went for money, u won’t find glory like you did at Ajax.

    As I say this isn’t to the video poster, good job to be able to come on here after your team has been defeated and talk. Though, I am bitter how Surarez couldn’t bite the bullet and accept De Boer stripping him of the captain at Ajax. He had to go to another club cause of the money!

  2. UFCritical Says:

    Gerrards best season in all his 13 seasons was 16 prem goals 2008/9!
    He’s on 4 prem goals this season with not many assists (since we cant score many goals this season can we!)

    In many clubs the best player isnt the captain, – IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE!

    Stevie is not captaining our ship properly, if he was, then we would get more of everything out of the players! But as usual they leave all the good play to Gerrard.

    Stevie needs to be captained by a LEADER! Then he’d shine again.

  3. UFCritical Says:

    @09xxlunaxx09 Gerrard , Like Joe Cole will NOT tell anyone what his best position is. These two players hint about it and moan when they are played “so called” out of position but have never EVER said these words” I want to play in Liverpools Centre Mid position! or I want to play in the hole behind the two strikers!
    They say nothing – but when it goes wrong, then they inevitably say they were out of position!
    Stop hiding lads, it goes wrong cos both of you aren’t the best at either!

  4. UFCritical Says:

    @DamEllSunny Ha ha, supporting my Liverpool these days is NOT glory hunting! In fact it is the opposite.

    We are making a pigs ear out of a SILK Purse!

  5. UFCritical Says:

    @johnny67448 LFC TV has to lie to us. If they said “our captains as shitty as he was last year” then what would that do for our gates? Luckily they lied and we got almost full gates on our trip to the bottom of the league! Imagine going to the bottom with 25,000 gates at Anfield? That scenario would have made fans cry in their beers!
    Gerrard is a problem – I AGREE! But he still is one of our best players. I think its HE who needs a captain, and HE is NOT captaining certain players well AT ALL!

  6. UFCritical Says:

    @inspectorcrud WHY OH WHY DID RAFA SELL RIISE???? One own goal V Chelsea? What a fukking twat Rafa was (in the end, he started well)!!

    He offered a different option when attacking and made us L E S S P R E D I C T A B L E at free kicks and when attacking in general. He could defend, attack, cross and shoot. What a fuck up that was!
    He is irreplaceable to us, and thats the truth!


  7. UFCritical Says:

    @stemcgolf But I do agree with your club exits. All but 2 or 3 of them should leave!! The exceptions for me are Aqualani – we could bring him back (FIT!!) and see what he actually can do with a run of about 10 games – if the cunt doesnt break down like a little girl again! Also Reina- cos I know he had LOVE for our club and does that dissappear? It shouldnt, he is just fed up with our PATHETIC MIDFIELD WHO CREATE FUCK ALL!

    The others can fuck off cos we keep picking em, and they ALWAYS FAIL!!!

  8. UFCritical Says:

    @stemcgolf Yes Kenny had T H R E E opportunities to at least try a kid he knows has an eye for goal AND HE DIDNT? When does he give the kid a go? After he breaks his leg, after he goes 20 games without a goal? W H E N?

    Football is about grabbing the moment and being fearless about it. WE ARE NOT! We are set in our ways and we seem reluctant to change.FERGIE (the cunt) would have at least put the kid on the bench to GEE the others up!! WE DONT!

  9. UFCritical Says:

    @stemcgolf sterling promoted?

    We all saw the window of opp. that Kenny had to play the kid – just after the Valentine’s Day Massacre 9 – 0 (5 goals for him) BUT Kenny knew BETTER????
    I do trust Kenny but I didnt agree with not even having Sterling on the bench for that game! NOT AT ALL!
    We had just drawn 1 – 1 at home to a bottom 3 team YET AGAIN…and he would have boosted the squad for that TERRIBLE 0 – 0 against Sparta and the equally crap 1 – 0 home win to them.
    After that 3-0 W H UTD ???

  10. inspectorcrud Says:

    @savid03 Suarez will take time to adjust to the league, but the others need to start to take a few risks and show their true colours. Remember Riise, we need a few more shooting like him.

  11. johnny67448 Says:

    @Rycorpse Gerrard hasn’t played well since the end of the 2008/09 season in my opinion, he is actually hindering the team at the moment for me. He is one of the greatest players who has ever worn the Liverpool shirt but I think with Nando going, they need to build from scratch and they need a new fulcrum. On LFC TV at the start of the season they were saying that Gerrard was in top class form, he hasn’t been for almost two years.

  12. johnny67448 Says:

    @stemcgolf It would have made more sense to have bought N’Zogbia instead of Carroll. Why sell Reina unless he wants to go?

  13. savid03 Says:

    @inspectorcrud Suarez could pull those shots as well, i totaly agree with you

  14. Mustafa92G Says:

    @09xxlunaxx09 why not di rossi bro why not

  15. ZahraLovesVFC Says:

    I had lots of respect for west ham and their fans but after they start cheering when Kelly got injured really pissed me off and the guy with the song below me ! I have no respect for any clubs rather than wolves, arsenal ad real Madrid! I hate the rest

  16. 09xxlunaxx09 Says:

    @Mustafa92G Moussa sissoko doesnt sound to bad and wants to play in England can distribute it and is physical could be the type of player that gets the team playing.

  17. KopTalkOfficial Says:

    @westham4life1991 Not been funny old boy but isn’t it time you came up with a new song? It’s like you’re stuck in the 80’s or something. Not only that but we get some good Hammers fans on here and you’re just showing yp your club. Well done for winning the match. It was well deserved and I hope you stay up… even though you’re a tool. Cheers.

  18. Mustafa92G Says:

    @09xxlunaxx09 ur right mate ……….. believe me i knew this was gonna happen. when i watch barca and madried and watch xabi and masca those´╗┐ two MIDf were plying in a team that has ngog is an striker its just not true…… we need players like Daneile de Rossi or lass or a young van bommel …..

  19. 09xxlunaxx09 Says:

    I do think our midfield is poor in making play and dominating games gerrard didnt ever do this it was alonso and mascha. We cld probably get the former back considering he isnt playing in barce but not sure fans would forgive. I do think we need a player who can pass it like alonso and disrupt play and although lucas is ok him on his own wont allow us to dominate matches like we used to consistently. Especially against the newcastles and blackpools that wont show respect and will press.

  20. 09xxlunaxx09 Says:

    @Mustafa92G I agree its because merieles doesnt dictate play by passing it nor does gerrard when he plays his best position. I think when carroll comes in with suarez we should get lucas to hold and break up play merieles to play the middle gerrard right and we need to bring in someone with pace and a good cross on teh left. Gerrard and merieles can then interchange . If that doesnt work although merieles has been good i think we might have to sell as we need a playmaker not a goalscorer

  21. Paingr Says:

    lol you have a steady camera hand

  22. holidaestyles Says:

    @stemcgolf our squad is thin as it is, sellin 13 players nd bring in 7 is completely retarded.first off kuyt skrtel maxi nd cole can b squad players.do everythin to keep pepe but if he wants out fuck em. the rest can fuck off.bring in 4 -5 good buys that will go into the team . left wing right wing, a couple of defenders nd a centre mid for depth nd give some of the young lads more experience, coady sterline suso pacheo etc in cups

  23. ArjenRobbenisGod Says:

    When we get Carroll fit we should play 3 upfront with Kuyt in the middle of Suarez and Carroll. Get Ashley Young to play wing.

  24. gog723 Says:

    @J6Snipe That’s why we lost! Make you wear your shirt next time. Its not good enough son, it just not good enough.

  25. gog723 Says:

    I’d rather let Riena rot in the reserves then sell him to another premier league club!