The Game Of Their Lives [PART 1/8]

Component two: A rare documentary about the 1966 World Cup North Korea staff that exceeded anticipations. Director Daniel Gordon enters the intriguing nation, meets the remaining squad players and coach, and brings them back again to Middlesbrough wherever the locals gave them excellent assistance all individuals decades ago. Even if you are not a fan of football, this is a fascinating programme about a intriguing country and its heroes. kingdom Complete credit goes to the BBC for producing this documentary.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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26 Responses to “The Game Of Their Lives [PART 1/8]”

  1. RebelSonBand Says:

    @wolfy29 Yea,it was great.. xD Man,if I said something like that to my wife,I get a beating——–a bad beating..
    xD ——-funny guy..

  2. shakysyxx Says:

    I am Canadian and i say….?? lol….North Korea+Hockey……unknown????would be great seeing north/south korea show there face for international battle 🙂 id cheer for u next to my fellow canadians 🙂

  3. wolfy29 Says:

    “This is my old lady. She lost all of her teeth, that’s why she’s become ugly now” LMAO Whhaatt a wayy to joke about your wife xD

  4. XdtonybX Says:

    I like korean footballer. they are fast as hell. Park Ji-Sung from Manchester!

  5. kao199464 Says:

    Chuck Norris = Jackie Chan from Hong Kong

  6. crankylifter Says:

    Chuck Norris 1-0 North Korea

  7. ForeverNeverland100 Says:

    Where is the movie with GERARD BUTLER???

  8. macbrack04 Says:

    WTF has football got to do with the serious crisis the world faces from N Korea….you idiots !!


    @KatiushaVN4 So thank us if you can lick ur leaders ass


    @KatiushaVN4 LOL i hope you know that the ideology of comunism was born in the west, not with asian people, rite?

  11. ImperialGuard9001 Says:

    Funny to see that half of the ex team are in military I guess in country like NK your choice is betwen Military or Farming XD

  12. ImperialGuard9001 Says:

    @KatiushaVN4 I guess North Korean Propaganda is better?XD

  13. KatiushaVN4 Says:

    Another stupid propaganda from the West

  14. sano0311 Says:

    I see you get my sense of humor, not.

  15. alexsokolov Says:

    @sano0311 you’re fucking hilarious. did anyone ever tell you that?

  16. sano0311 Says:

    I would love to go in the war with N Korea, because they would show to be the true test for US military. These guys have ak-47 on them while they have sex. xD

  17. badassreinitz Says:

    fuk north korea, all they want is revenge for us stopping them from killing south korea, the usa wont let that happen

  18. technologic21 Says:

    The introduction of a Western ideology (communism) completely shattered their Confucian society….

    The West fucked up the entire world.

  19. jimmyjojo22 Says:

    wen he says pak do ik is right wing im sure he dusnt mean politics

  20. MT323able Says:

    This criminals make me sick to my stomach…but what really makes me sick are the chinese commie pigs who send oil, food and weapons to North korea. Congrats China u are a real world leader!

  21. joannegerber Says:

    I guess North Koreans were better fed then.

  22. itsthetruf Says:


    I have some doubts that at least a few of those men are who they claimed to be. I don’t speak korean but I wonder if their interactions sound forced or fake in any way.

  23. ixl0v3xbl00h Says:

    i just wanted to add that not everything in this documentary is natural.
    for those of you who were interested, many of the lines said by the people have most likely been monitored or scripted.

  24. 3123Alpha Says:

    Question….. what type of STUPID selection process involves giving Asia, Africa and Oceania ONE spot to fight for?

  25. ButherLi55ett Says:

    Thanks for the upload. I’ve looked for this a few times after missing it on television.

  26. Real Madrid Says:

    Madrid will win the Primera Liga!