Soccer Am -John Bishop (26.12.09)

John Bishop appearing on the Soccer Am Setee

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9 Responses to “Soccer Am -John Bishop (26.12.09)”

  1. stooka14 Says:

    Kazim Kazim
    (Kazim Richards)

  2. naruto2710 Says:

    who’s that next to john

  3. ColdShaunV2 Says:

    John Bishop is hilarious!!

    Soccer Am has lost it touch over the last few years, the presenters just seem uncomfortable.

  4. TantricJohnny Says:

    Like most scousers, f*&king hilarious. John is a legend, cant wait to see him at the Echo in December

  5. jessica04f Says:

    luv this guy haha him and his diesel car and social services rock!!! hahahaha

  6. pusslam Says:

    Bishop u legend !!!!

    Brilliant show in Vicar St in Dublin in Feb

  7. ml780 Says:

    social services arent workin christmas day hahaha

  8. confusedhebru Says:

    ur mum

  9. TheDrew1981 Says:

    funny guy!