Simon Mignoletseals his future with Liverpool

Simon Mignolet has secured his future with the Premier League club Liverpool at least until 2021 but this is a decision that has brought mixed reactions to the supporters of the English team as Mignolet has certainly made a number of impressive performances but there have been a few occasions in which the Belgian shot-stopper has let down the team.

Consistency is not the strong suit of Mignolet but nonetheless, it seems like everything he has done with Liverpool has been enough for him to secure his long term future in Anfield.

“I’m very pleased that I can be at Anfield and a part of Liverpool for a long future. I know signing a new contract comes with new responsibility. I’m getting older as well and coming into the years where people would say those are the years a ‘keeper is at his best. I know with a long-term contract, you get more responsibility and I want to take up that role because I’m the sort of character that wants to be a leader, wants to speak in the dressing room and wants to help the defence’’ Liverpool’s Simon Mignolet said as he expressed his happiness in signing a contract renewal.

The Belgian goal-keeper struggles when it comes to distributing the ball and trying to command his penalty area as he has made consistent errors throughout the last 3 Premier League seasons which has led to Liverpool dropping points on important matches.

Even though Simon Mignolet has not exactly been a showstopper for Liverpool, JurgenKlopp has faith in the Belgian player as the recently appointed manager believes that Mignotlet has done enough to deserve a contract renewal and trusts that he will be performing better as time passes on.

The decisions that JurgenKlopp make in this season are crucial for his own future in Anfield as things haven’t exactly been going well for Liverpool since the appointment of JurgenKlopp. Liverpool is currently positioned in the middle section of the Premier League standings and they will have to start collecting triumphs in order to have any chance of snatching a top spot in the English league.

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