Raheem Sterling – The Worlds Next Footballing Talent

A video clip Contribution dedicated to the worlds following footballing star, Liverpool Football Clubs very own, Mr Raheem Sterling ! – Song Employed : Supermode Inform Me Why – – Credits go to : LFC Television –

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25 Responses to “Raheem Sterling – The Worlds Next Footballing Talent”

  1. MrGlanis Says:

    Hi look as young Robhino…Hi just need to get chance in first team next season….

  2. MerckZ Says:

    @AnthonyW65 We need more Barnes than Owen at the moment though.

  3. McBane10 Says:

    @tech4156 exactly what your MOM said to me when i boned her in the ass, took out my member and filled her mouth with my gentleman’s relish

  4. TheSeivou Says:

    He’s basically a right footed Messi. He can be for us on the left, what Messi is for Barca on the right.

  5. tech4156 Says:

    @McBane10 lol i thought you were, especially as i have been saying”mom” for a week now and in my last 4 comments but you just spotted now. Show how clever you are. dumbshit

  6. McBane10 Says:

    @tech4156 mom? you must be american. explains your obvious stupidity, right?

  7. tech4156 Says:

    @McBane10 exactly wot i said 2 ur mom wen asked her to teabag me.

  8. JazLFC1 Says:

    Wait another two years and you bet he would be as good as Suarez, Carroll and other big names such as Villa, Et’o, Klose etc.

  9. McBane10 Says:

    @tech4156 again, just ‘yes’ would have done.

  10. tech4156 Says:

    @McBane10 but i have to let everyone know that your mom is stupid though

  11. McBane10 Says:

    @tech4156 you could have just said ‘yes’. i gather from your response that you are

  12. tech4156 Says:

    @McBane10 ur mom is

  13. McBane10 Says:

    @tech4156 are you stupid?

  14. jatras1234 Says:

    @tech4156 mate?!?!? but still no woken up yet i see dream all you want

  15. tech4156 Says:

    @jatras1234 im the best and ur mate is shit

  16. jatras1234 Says:

    @tech4156 and ur in a dream world,
    this was brought to you by LOL LOL YOU FAIL

  17. tech4156 Says:

    @jatras1234 im the best there is ur just a groupie

  18. jatras1234 Says:

    @tech4156 he Bettter than u even want to be!

  19. liverpoollevski Says:

    he’s so fast, it’s like watching a video game

  20. tech4156 Says:

    @KSG618 im better than maradona so hows he better?

  21. KSG618 Says:

    @tech4156 mate he is way better then u

  22. mu5t11 Says:


  23. tech4156 Says:

    guys shit

  24. lfcgav Says:

    @oldbloke01 you must have been watching the wrong video, to me he was using his left foot pretty well

  25. oldbloke01 Says:

    When the liverpool coaching squad inform him he has a left foot..he might go somewhere..at the moment he is just another one footed footballer.