Luis Suarez | Liverpool’s Number 7 | 2011 | HD

A few of the numerous goasl Suarez scored at Ajax, combined in with some Liverpool tradition! Welcome to Anfield Luis Suarez!!!! Lionel Messi 2008/2009 [Biggest Ever before YOU Seen] *NeW* Lionel Messi 2008/2009 [Biggest At any time YOU Observed]Lionel MEssi – *Freestyle Battle & Skills* ———————– Top 10 Greatest Globe Footballers 2009 This is a new up to date video of who I think are the present top rated ten football (soccer) players in the globe. I have primarily based this on type and true expertise to choose the top rated 10. There are so a lot of talented footballers at the moment, who do you feel will consider best spot? Right here are the gamers that I selected from:Sergio Kun Agüero (Atlético Madrid)Samir Nasri (Arsenal)Fernando Torres (Liverpool)Zlatan Ibrahimovic(Inter Milan)Kaká (AC Milan)Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)Ronaldinho(AC Milan)Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)Lionel Messi(Barcelona)Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus),Iker Casillas(True Madrid),Petr Cech(Chelsea),Edwin van der Sar(Manchester United),Fabio Cannavaro (True Madrid), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea) (Barcelona), Thierry Henry (Barcelona), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan), Wayne Rooney (Machester United), Carlos Tevez (Manchester United), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Genuine Madrid), David Villa (Valencia). The gamers featured in this video play for countries: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic
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25 Responses to “Luis Suarez | Liverpool’s Number 7 | 2011 | HD”

  1. OneHunted Says:

    @Donlegenddz agree

  2. liverpoolforever10 Says:

    another thing suarez left ajax a club he was at for several years and recently came to their game and gave his farewell and in appreseation the ajax fans sang youll never walk alone to him thats how you leave a club torres you fuckin spanish shit !

  3. liverpoolforever10 Says:

    this guy is a world class player not like torres hes just a fucking glory hunter hope liverpool acheive better things without torres.

  4. xXRonaldo7GamisetaXx Says:

    @Donlegenddz ajax has best academy in the world..

  5. FireArrowz16 Says:

    suarez shoudl play every game for liverpool hes great he will do sick things

  6. Parliss Says:

    Suarez please dont leave us never!!!

  7. TheDudziking Says:

    wuts the name of this song n who sings it ? thnx


    @Donlegenddz thats true but benfica is coming out with serious talents david luiz ramires di maria rui costa was one of our greatest but i do agree that ajax is the best team with bringing out great players

  9. mikiel2323 Says:

    @Donlegenddz no one cares(except for 10 morons)

  10. Guildza Says:

    ้he is hope of liverpool

  11. Supermikkel1000 Says:

    i love it

  12. orcmisha Says:

    I really wished Suarez stayed at Ajax, He is a amazing player which played at a amazing club. He has great dribbling skills and great shots. Though i am happy that Suarez has found him self at such a great club as Liverpool, he deserves it and i hope he will help bring Liverpool at the top. Peace

  13. tevez32rooney10 Says:

    Proud to be a Ajax yew !
    love to see players like Sneijder, Vd Vaart, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edwin vd Sar grow up at Amsterdam

  14. YKMTI Says:

    welcome to our world!

  15. psvpierrepsv1913 Says:

    @njirem ahah kneusje ajax is beter waar leef je??? apenkop!!! ajax is al bijna 10 jaar geen kampioen meer debieltje jullie zijn het zelfde als feyenoord verleden tyd

    vuile kanker nep jood met een kanker apen kop eoeoeoe

    je bent een fucking nep jood ook nog sinds waneer zijn joden racisten hahahaha

  16. njirem Says:

    @psvpierrepsv1913 lol kankeraap, vieze gore scheitboer uit nixhoven, ga met je trekker mest verbouwen ofzo. Je weet dat Ajax beter is, ontken het nou maar niet. Dan ben je misschien een dikke randkankerboer, je lelijke incest hareses wordt kenkerhard geklept nigga

  17. psvpierrepsv1913 Says:

    @njirem IMBECILE WE OWND LAST 10 years ajax what world u life??? we lost not even 3 games in over 10 years from the ajax jews

    no one lose from rangers imbecile

    Suares never raped us we dominator ajax jews over 10 years imbecile

  18. njirem Says:

    @psvpierrepsv1913 lol, Suares alone rapes PSV u moron. PSV will be kicked out by rangers, twente kicked out by zenit but Ajax will defeat Spartak.

  19. TheRafinia Says:

    @LumixGoals Im glad that our football players are well known in the foreign and I hope that Suarez play all the matches with more than his heart. I hope that Liverpool have a great season. To the glory! Pd.: Greetings from Uruguay!

  20. psvpierrepsv1913 Says:

    i dont like that he join liverpool liverpool is great team whit now 1 shittyplayer suarez

    PSV will rape rangers we will see liverpool in europa league final

  21. psvpierrepsv1913 Says:

    @Donlegenddz on this moment have feyenoord rotterdam the best talents school in holland english arsenal and chelsea and italian inter are schopping alot in rotterdam there buy feyenoord emty till the bone.

    They always bringing good players ??thats is past ajax buy suarez and hunterlaar there not maked them we have not the best youth talents we have best scouts in eindhoven we buy alot smarter than ajax.

    Ajax buy the last 10 years alot crap players there will follow feyenoord to the shitttt

  22. babuevdima Says:


  23. byeankur Says:

    he’l light up our anfield 😀 😀 😀

  24. helloo889 Says:

    @haloisnice agreed …. sence suarez arrived to ajax, its history was change .. i am big fan of ajax too and i have huuuge respect for it … u see im from republic of georgia , and im proud that one of players from my country ( shota arveladze) played in ajax… he had great carrier and he had chance to play with suarez only like 2 montth which was dissapointing ….. but suarez is one of my faveourite playerss and i love him as hell

  25. stavrakaspaok Says:

    Two of Europe’s greatest clubs,Porto and Ajax..We love you people and thank you for Raul Meireles and Luis still paying tribute to those two,means that you are true supporters..and remember You’ll Never Walk Alone