Luis Suarez – Liverpool’s new Star

Compilation of the very best player of AFC Ajax and Eredivisie 2010 🙂
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Luis Suarez – Liverpool’s new Star”

  1. Therobbyrot Says:

    wich program did you used to edit this video?

    met welk programma heb je deze video bewerkt? (dutch)

  2. reddevil21ful Says:

    welcome Suraz. make us proud…….. bring the glory back where it belongs to……

  3. reddevil21ful Says:

    welcome Suraz. make us proud…….. bring the glory back where it belongs to……

  4. AyaMello Says:

    Awesome video.

  5. Redtide Says:

    Very soon, man U and chelsea fans will say he is too good to be playing for Liverpool.. hehe

  6. hilkosiegers1991 Says:

    @ArseAjax24 Limp Bizkit – My Way

  7. JenDaMen Says:

    @ArseAjax24 My Way or the Highway

  8. ArseAjax24 Says:

    Name of song??

  9. TheRafinia Says:

    I feel sorry for him. When he had 14 years old he had lots of family issues and as he said; When other kids usually bought 2 or 3 pairs of shoes in a year, I used to play with my own for 2 or 3 years. When he went to Europe he was 19 and he didnt know how to speak in any foreign language. The bench was his best friend… until he scored his first two goals. Suddenly it all changed to Luis Suarez… the new becoming Liverpool legend. Much respect for him.

  10. peloboi Says:

    welcome to Liverpool.

  11. jasperrr5251 Says:

    Very nice movie.

    Good music, good editing, good filming.


    What music did you use?

  12. TheRafinia Says:

    Take care of him Liverpool! We want him for 2014 over here!

  13. NightThree Says:

    @RealMadrid1109 Thief ! your video( Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lyon Away) is xRealMadridCR9x video’s

  14. MrFifi1900 Says:

    Who is knows how I can download video from Eredivisie nl or Ajax tv?

    Video is great. Thnx Luis for everything ; )

  15. jiminitin86 Says:

    i bet that TriopsUKnorth was one of them 2 dislikers….Torres will have been the other…

  16. jiminitin86 Says:


  17. afcaj0od Says:

    @TriopsUKnorth tell me why you are watching his video?
    1st ur chelsea scum…..get the fuck out of here!
    2nd if you don’t like him why are you watching it


  18. Hatseflatsje Says:

    @alexnire741 ouch! think you hurt him with that one mate 🙂 Suarez is world class! sure he will prove himself @ anfield 🙂

  19. alexnire741 Says:

    @TriopsUKnorth Guess you spoke to soon.. Suarez scored on his debut, What did Torres do?..

  20. traxgod2 Says:

    @hablerz 38 mil * for suarez

  21. TriopsUKnorth Says:

    Welcome to Chelsea Torres, hope you store a hatrick against them scummy scoucers tomorow. Luis Suarez is SHIT !!!!

  22. XOsOfiAXO Says:

    111 goals in 154 games i think is cheaper, welcome to liverpool uruguayan.

  23. feri69HKM Says:

    what this song?

  24. AntonD429 Says:

    he will be starting tumos 😀

  25. HighAsDenman Says:

    He looks like a mean player. hopefully he adapts to the premier league and Andy carrol fast