Luis Suarez ● Your Hate Makes Me Unstoppable ● 2013-2014 ● Liverpool FC

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25 Responses to “Luis Suarez ● Your Hate Makes Me Unstoppable ● 2013-2014 ● Liverpool FC”

  1. Echo Bakirov Says:

    Big thanks to everyone for watching, commenting and sharing on Facebook,
    Twitter,Vkontakte and Google+! You all are awesome !!

  2. footballskill19 Says:

    Great player. But I hope Arsenal can keep him quiet this Saturday. COYG!

  3. James Lan Says:

    top3 strikers in the world

  4. SASMADBRUV7 Says:

    It’s nice to know that he hasn’t done that many controversial acts.

  5. ZI9RQ7 Says:

    best player in england by far,great vid mate! 

  6. MuhammadSyahiran Ramli Says:

    brilliant suarez. all the team in the world want to be a his team mate.

  7. Christopher O'Neil Says:

    +footballskill19 I’d 5-1 be an Arsenal Fan

  8. x Lucker Says:

    Suarez and Cavani the best!
    URUGUAY my little country … as always big in football :’) <3


  9. AJ HR Says:

    Best player in the world my idol

  10. Naumaan Adamo Says:

    His dribbling, ball control and technique is just out of this world

  11. N!ke|SA Says:

    This dude is a beast. Uruguay, with Suarez, Cavani, and if they take Diego
    Forlan, is gonna be dangerous in the world cup once again.

  12. Numaan Hussain Says:

    Luis Suarez is not bad he is the best

  13. rkidmuscle Says:

    This title is sad you have too much time on your hands 

  14. gerard vargas Says:

    Luis Suarez Ballon d’Or 2014 : )

  15. Y2JordanLFC Says:

    Well made!
    This video was so awesome i didn’t want it to end!
    You’re amazing my friend! :)

  16. Abir Kareem Says:

    Suarez would be proud of this video. Nice one mayt

  17. Hannes Wucherpfennig Says:

    best striker in the world

  18. fifapower Says:

    If Uruguay puts Luis Saurez and Cavani on ST, they have a chance of coming
    to the finals in the World Cup 2014!!

  19. Aidi El Nino Says:

    NIce wrk mate.. Good video YNWA

  20. synen Says:

    Luis Suarez Ballon d’Or 2014

  21. Joseph Kalai Says:

    All those goals…all those technically and artistically wonderful goals.
    This guy doesn’t just score them. He scores them with class!

  22. Aurora Vimercatti Says:

    Fantastic video, thank you!!!

  23. Arjun Singh Says:

    Great video unbelievable player coming from an arsenal fan

  24. Joe Ajjoub Says:

    Still fuming over Mirallas’ kick (it was not even a tackle) which only got
    him a yellow. %&$*!!!

  25. Shelvey Passage Says:

    Suarez, Suarez and again Suarez