Liverpool Football Club Anthem

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9 Responses to “Liverpool Football Club Anthem”

  1. MegaKilaz Says:

    whats up cant you spell class you manc prick

  2. TheRedWrex Says:

    Take A Look At My Channel!!

  3. MrCRAZYzombie Says:

    @Solitude075 gayboy

  4. Solitude075 Says:

    I got 2 words for liverpool.



  5. clockendboy Says:

    It’s a good song and a good club. I’m even an Arsenal supporter and I like this song. We all hate Chelsea and Man United though.

  6. josevanreyes Says:

    I’d rather walk alone

  7. spanishjugon Says:

    YOUUUUUUUU NEEEEEEEEEVEEEEE WAAAAALK AAAALOOONEEyeahhhhh it’s a precious and beautiful song…….liverpool fc the best forever and ever . VIVA spanish liverpool . I love liverpool i do ooohhhhhh liverpool i love you. This is anfield…i love liverpool’s people, the best!!!and FUCK YOU MANCHESTER UNITED AND FERGUSON BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!let’s go l’pool, let’s go reds!!!!!!!!!!

  8. SeeYouNextFall Says:

    A lot of the other football clubs have corny songs.
    But this one actually is unique and sounds like something I would have on my iPod.

    Im an American, and I dont know too much about British football teams, so I think my opinion is pretty impartial.

  9. panzermatt Says:

    ive seen grown men cry at this song. the emotion it brings out in liverpool fans is un-real. epic song.