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  1. HockeyJock6476 Says:

    @comfortablynumb1975x Yeah, its actually complicated. The Sox previous owner was Jean Yawkey who was not very good, and she was the wife of Tom Yawkey, who, until he died, was a great owner for the Sox. Go Liverpool and Red Sox!

  2. comfortablynumb1975x Says:

    @HockeyJock6476 Ohh ok. Didn’t realise that mate. So you had your own version of tom Hicks & George Gillett. So from bad owners previously, you now have decent owners & are winning world series & competing with the best. Please keep in touch with me here. Cheers.

  3. HockeyJock6476 Says:

    @comfortablynumb1975x Good to hear dude. Sox were in the same situation too with moronic owners previous to Henry.

  4. comfortablynumb1975x Says:

    @HockeyJock6476 Thank you for that mate. We love his vibe over here. He seems to know exactly what he’s doing & how to do it! So refreshing after those twonks Tom Hicks & George Gillett. Good luck with the Red Sox season. Thanks.

  5. HockeyJock6476 Says:

    Red Sox fan here telling liverpool fans promise you john henry is a great owner and is 100% committed to winning, sox fans would know this guy will give liverpool everything he has until they win the championship!!!

  6. moegdaog Says:

    All american business men arent bad..liverpool fan here from the states and i assure u theirs a big difference between a business man in the states who owns the texas rangers(tht are terrible and a guy who owns the boston redsox..the redsox are litterely the liverpoool of colors, MASSive history with the YANKEES of new york who i would consider the manchester united of baseball…this owner is not gonna fuck around..and u can alrdy tell the difference in how liverpool is playing now

  7. KopiteP250505 Says:

    JOHN HENRY + NESV OUT! Yank capitalist scum know nothing about Liverpool FC or football in general. Fan ownership is the only way to make our club great again. FUCK MODERN FOOTBALL – POWER TO THE FANS!

  8. brianpcurran Says:

    i am from boston too. hicks is a fool! he owned the texas rangers baseball team and ran them into the ground. liverpool now has owners committed to winning. as red sox fans we only value world series championships. i am now a liverpool fan too. the new owners will spend to win.

  9. patdlover4eva Says:

    @fol2005 omfg I would die. this needs to happen

  10. sionaraggertip Says:

    good riddens

  11. RichySKing Says:

    Glad to hear it. I’m not sure if you saw the stadium that Tom Hicks and George Gillet wanted to build, but if you do see it, you will vomit!!
    I’m glad Fenway Park has been preserved, these days people are so eager to sacrifice their history, it’s a huge shame.
    The sale has now been confirmed and I am very happy, John Henry sounds like a good man.
    Anfield and Fenway Park Forever.

  12. fol2005 Says:


    If Liverpool played in Fenway that would be incredible…

  13. fol2005 Says:


    As far as keeping Anfield the way it is, I think you’re going to be okay. Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox, is the oldest baseball stadium in the U.S… its basically a historical landmark and despite falling apart, has not been touched.

    I don’t know what he means by “commercializing” Liverpool, but I will say that Boston Red Sox gear is one of the top selling apparel in the nation. You really can’t walk anywhere in the states without seeing a “B” hat. LFC should be fine.

  14. boywonderecu Says:

    @Rambo0784 There’s too much money to be made with the LFC franchise for NESV to build it back up just to sell it, they haven’t done that to the Red Sox, they are there to stay, one would assume that the same goes for their NASCAR operation and LFC should they buy it. As for the administration bit, NESV may try to negotiate better terms for themselves there had been talk of them buying LFC directly from RBS. If LFC are docked 9 points can you blame NESV for pulling out or wanting a better deal?

  15. Rambo0784 Says:

    @boywonderecu I understand ur point, just not convinced with more franchise owners. i am also a big Denver Broncos fan, NESV apparently will walk away if we r deducted 9 pints thru administration. That tells me they r only in it for profit or to build it up & sell it on. Anyones better than Tom n Jerry, but I’d rather no more penyless franchise owners

  16. boywonderecu Says:

    @paabaa1 NESV will give Roy enough rope to hang himself. Grady Little got the Red Sox 1 game away from going to the 2003 World Series they lost to the Yankees and that was Grady Little’s last game as manager of the Red Sox. NESV run things like The Godfather, “It’s not personal, it’s just business”, Little plateaued with the team and new management was needed and now we have 2 World Series titles in 8 years and we’ll shoot for another in 2011.

  17. boywonderecu Says:

    @Rambo0784 The New York Yankee fans said the same thing yet the Red Sox are the ONLY club to win 2 World Series this decade. And even if the Yankees win this year they’ll only have matched the Red Sox and they’ll have spent over $40 million more to do so. The business model for the Red Sox works, it’s a bit heartless at times, but hell players come and go, owners usually stay put and these owners are dedicated to winning.

  18. comfortablynumb1975x Says:

    @gerrad86 Me too mate. Give him a chance at least. when his teams click, they are fucking hard to beat. But it will take time. I’m with you, give him a chance.

  19. paabaa1 Says:

    @gerrad86 i think hodgson is out of his depth, we need someone who knows the club and would be loyal , i did respect hodgson at fulham and i feel he should of stayed there , i cannot see him bringing liverpool forward. i think the fans are split over hodgson,

  20. gerrad86 Says:

    @paabaa1 sacking roy hodgson is premature, we should get behind our manager let him do right thing before Christmas, come on give him chance.

  21. paabaa1 Says:

    @gerrad86 yes we want them two shits out,i do see where your coming from, its a hard debate, my view is bring them in and off load hodgson and appoint dalglish, ive just finished reading his book, if you havent ,get to a shop and read last chapter ,2010,,, if hodgson stays its going to get worse, hodgson i have no respect for with his comments about fans protesting,there is a lot of cowboys at liverpool, not just two,too many players taking us for a ride

  22. Rambo0784 Says:

    Cant believe most Liverpool fans are exited about this. Yes its great that these fools are gone but to replace them with baseball owners. Liverpool my club are just a joke, can never make a sensible decision and will never win premiership.

  23. boywonderecu Says:

    @gerrad86 If anything NESV are financially responsible, the bonus is they win. Sure Man City can spend like no one else, but what has that earned them? A top 4 finish? It hasn’t brought them any trophies that’s for certain. NESV won’t hand out the silly contracts LFC has handed out recently, but they will bring in quality players and they will pay them what they are worth and no more. John Henry may not know football, but he’ll find someone who does because it’s a wise business choice to do so.

  24. RichySKing Says:

    @Seneca34M Anyway thanks for the info, sounds like Henry is a better owner of the Red Sox than Hicks is to The Texas Rangers.

  25. RichySKing Says:

    If Henry parts with 300 mil he’ll want to get his investment back. Anything is better than Tom Hicks and George Gillet, but I’m still worried.
    I can’t think of how more ads could be squeezed into football.
    If Henry has no plans of trying to move the team into a new stadium then that definately makes me happy, but the thought of breaking down parts of Anfield to extend it is sacrilegious to me. I’ve actually launched a website which stresses the importance of preservation.