Liverpool Fans live You`ll never walk alone

Gänsehautfeeling. You`ll by no means walk on your own!

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25 Responses to “Liverpool Fans live You`ll never walk alone”

  1. Skullpile Says:

    if this doesn’t give you chills then you’re a fuckin loser.

  2. ELGRECO19 Says:

    Olympiakos is my first love and LIVERPOOL is my second!

    Liverpool+Olympiakos= 2gether 4ever


  3. nielsza Says:

    50 sad people walks alone! Fuck them and love to Liverpool!

  4. XxpauldadudexX Says:

    LFC Magic….I was in main stand and hair stood up on my neck when I heard the Kop sing YNWA…I was nearly crying…incredible…awesome….magic…YNWA

  5. superlensois59 Says:

    Hello, I’m French and I’m for Lens L1.
    To me Lens is largely the best audience in France.
    But then Liverpool = Best atmosphere in the world is just HUGE when I see videos of Liverpool supporters. For me Liverpool is the best atmosphere of the world bravo I’m French and I respect that meirveilleux public.

    Thank you

  6. LFCAlwaysTogether Says:

    Liverpool . Will never be alone, we will always be with you.

  7. LFCAlwaysTogether Says:

    @1Prizren1 pisze się Liverpool FC, gdyż jest to Liverpool Football Club, a nie odwrotnie.;]

  8. roadend78 Says:

    @ScousersAreShemales united road take me home fucking mong song by fuckin utd mongs.

  9. roadend78 Says:

    @ScousersAreShemales fuck off rat 5 times .

  10. arbenkaqanolli Says:

    how will f.torres feel when he visits this stadium??

  11. crc187 Says:


    Breaking news: Sir Alex Fuckerson committed Howard Webb is not for sale!

  12. ScousersAreShemales Says:

    @AlejandroLFC4Life King Kenny? LMFAO, don’t you mean Queen Kenny? He won the 1st division title with Livertrash more than 20 years ago, and then he won it with Blackburn when Jack Walker bought the title for him.

    Queen Kenny will be a flop, and Sir Fergie will see off yet another Livertrash manager you fcukin numpty

    Tee Hee

  13. ScousersAreShemales Says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson’s all conquering champions are going to win the Prem…..AGAIN !!!!

    Livertrash = 20 years & fcuk all

    Tee Hee

  14. johan564 Says:

    Goosebumps , greetings from sweden. Hammarby

  15. TheMoggerdog Says:

    why is there a lot of mancs commenting on this oh ye there checkin out how real fans create an atmosphere

  16. TheMoggerdog Says:

    @lekoucha ay u manc cunt actually ur probally not a manc ur probably a cockney glory hunter, this is not a video about how the team is performing its a video about atmosphere at a football match which u would know nothing about. now go back to shaggin ur sister u inbred

  17. ScousersAreShemales Says:

    @AlejandroLFC4Life Will you muppets be singing this on Thursday in the Europa League?



  18. AlejandroLFC4Life Says:

    @lekoucha we’ve got King Kenny. There is no storm coming up. There are thropies coming up. Mancs can only go worst at the moment, wait for the moment fergie stops managing you silly twats !


  19. joshfergo Says:

    @BoozytheBarbarian 0 Fulham 0 Chelsea 🙂

  20. BoozytheBarbarian Says:

    1-1 Pool-Wigan 😡

  21. elniiko92 Says:

    my dream is go to Anfield.
    Macho hércules CF 😀

  22. TheDusanmarjanovic Says:

    @RedStarBelgradeGate7 srbija voli liverpool…serbia loves liverpool…:DDD

  23. Denissen07 Says:

    wonderfull debut for Torres @ Chelsea!
    lols 0-1 losing from his old club

  24. dylanfloyd777 Says:


  25. TheCabana90 Says:

    Kaiserslautern has a better support than liverpool. But you YNWA is better!
    Look the videos
    NUR DER FCK!!!