Liverpool fan Hitler finds out the Blackpool score

Hitler’s generals lastly pluck up the courage to inform him the score in the Blackpool game.
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25 Responses to “Liverpool fan Hitler finds out the Blackpool score”

  1. MrLiverpoolfcthebest Says:

    @redfowlham same like FUCKING 3 – 1 TO THOSE CUNTS WEST HAM!!

  2. bfcseasider53 Says:

    our nickname is actually the seasiders?
    we play in tangerine
    thanks 😀

  3. Plaggy22 Says:

    Fabregas didnt have to go Barca. That cunt Masherano still sucking bench

  4. scottdavisfrance Says:

    Excellent editing my friend , funniest thing i’ve seen in ages!!!!

  5. nobbytang Says:

    and liverpool isnt I suppose

  6. clynes8gerrard Says:

    @nobbytang blackpool is shit

  7. Martonlad1 Says:

    Needs an update after 12.1.11. Could be even funnier! Up the Seasiders.

  8. Martonlad1 Says:

    Needs an update after 12.1.11. Could be even funnier! Up to Seasiders.

  9. shaftsbury94 Says:

    any scousers there would have said, calm down calm down.

  10. baggie00001 Says:

    ferret shaggers ….lmfao.

  11. m0rningstretch Says:

    @redfowlham i no ye m8 thought it was just me biggest joke in english football atm dont think dalglish will do anything tho 🙁

  12. redfowlham Says:

    I always get this angry when Liverpool lose!

  13. ahmedsiddiqi90 Says:

    Arsenal FTW!

  14. blackwhale6 Says:

    i lold at were stuck with managers that cant pronouce Rs :L >< ahahaha

  15. bountya1 Says:

    roflmao @tangerines hahahah

  16. nobbytang Says:

    come on you pool – thats Blackpool by the way !

  17. Bucketheadhead Says:

    Hahaa this is pretty funny. The sad thing is old Hitler is right, we were the biggest club in Europe and now we can’t beat Northampton!

  18. restyworo Says:

    lol at anyone wanna nick a car! hahahaha pmsl

  19. MadeiraTo Says:

    @minhal01 Downfall

  20. BadBrainsTHFC Says:

    Very funny, best of the Hitler series!

  21. MastaShortie Says:


  22. minhal01 Says:

    Which movie is this actually from? LOL pretty hilarious though

  23. BobdeBilde Says:

    Absolute genius! The best Hitler rant yet.

  24. Hypersonic94returns Says:

    Nice Video

  25. azzi888 Says:

    hahahhaha fucking legends