Liverpool beats Manchester United 3-1 after 3 Kuyt Goals! – Man U in Trouble? – JRSportBrief

Liverpool just defeated Manchester United with a hat trick from Dirk Kuyt! Is Manchester United in hazard of being supplanted by Arsenal in the Premier League standings? By the way, what’s up with Nani?! Twitter: Facebook: www.facebook.comJRSportBrief addresses the most recent sports news, game highlights, and athletes of professional sports. JR gives his opinions on all sports activities: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Boxing, MMA and all the major leagues. Whether or not it’s the NBA Finals, the MLB Planet Series, or the NFL Superbowl, JRʼs received his own views and he would like to listen to yours! New Episodes all week prolonged. Electronic mail:
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25 Responses to “Liverpool beats Manchester United 3-1 after 3 Kuyt Goals! – Man U in Trouble? – JRSportBrief”

  1. zperic1 Says:

    Actually, Suarez did most of the work at at two goals, and second goal was almost an own goal.

  2. TheDanishBoys1998 Says:

    i thought it was nani in a second

  3. Hemorrhophrodite Says:

    I’m glad to see homeboys watching football in the States, but judging by their domination in the athletics and basketball, if they start practicing it Europe is in trouble. It would be cool to see USA becoming a football superpower, they have enormous human potential.

  4. EZdrifter21 Says:

    @youtue321 holden was tackled by J. evans. It was a MUCH more serious injury mate. you don’t see holden crying, bitching, or complaining. holden accepted Evan’s apology, even though he is out for the rest of the season. Nani didn’t want to even HEAR carragher’s apology – he was out for 1 MATCH.

  5. Bshelton18 Says:

    @youtue321 Hes American so he must not know about football? That doesnt make any sense. Dont stereotype

  6. moc119 Says:

    Weldone mate… I really enjoyed that…. Quite good seeing America’s take on the English game. Spot on about that horrible little fucker Nani. Keep up the good work mate!!!

  7. amigo2580 Says:


  8. youtue321 Says:

    Ur a yankee mate wat do u noe abt football u lot cant even say da name ryt go watch ur american football and ur NBA abt nani cryin let me c u get a tackle by carragher we ill see how it feels

  9. lotofhate Says:

    @dermine1 some ones a man utd fan lol aaawww but the guy told the truth and as i looked as ur dumb ass comment the truth does hurt hahahahaha

  10. dermine1 Says:

    go fuck u you fucking asshole motherfucker bich dickhead fucking negro go back to africa you fucking monkey go ro zoo you will put out money

  11. Sportslover1993 Says:

    As a liverpool fan, I agree 100% with you on the nani comments! I love it!

  12. digitalfani Says:

    this is a joke not sports highlights

  13. feyenoord4life13 Says:

    theres nothing wrong with chris bosh. idiot….

  14. dieguandre192 Says:

    negro huevon

  15. POLChelseaFC Says:

    @JRSportBrief That’s the mentality of some footballers…

  16. Caleum07 Says:


  17. Caleum07 Says:

    liverpool you’ll never walk alone!!!!!!! kuyt i love u

  18. Az1337 Says:

    As a Liverpool fan I found your rippin’ on manu EXTREMELY amusing, keep up the good work 😀

  19. NatashaWong92 Says:

    Cool 🙂

  20. MWR4991 Says:

    Nani’s a douche, always has been, always will be. Admittedly, the challenge was a bad one, but he has a reputation for going down too easily all the time, that’s why noone had sympathy for him.

  21. okaxoby Says:

    nani is one of the best players in the world

  22. okaxoby Says:

    ure uploading allot of soccer vids…kep up the good work……NANI….PORTUGAL …YEAH

  23. okaxoby Says:

    ure doin allot of soccer vids…kep up the good work

  24. jamjo400 Says:

    dirk kuyt!!!

  25. jamjo400 Says:

    dirk kuyt!!!