Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid (All Goals)

All goals from Liverpool four- Actual Madrid

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25 Responses to “Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid (All Goals)”

  1. Heidulol Says:

    Song is called; “Dreamscape”. (Y) It’s not bad at all, it’s just that you have listened to it a hundred times, even sex can get bad when you do it to much.

  2. abdulynwa1 Says:

    i muted it.

  3. Conorjames18 Says:

    Yeah……how many Premier League Titles have Liverfool won? Hicks and Gillett only ran the club from 2007 so dont blame them cos Liverfool have been shit for 20 years in the league. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Ikertewana Says:


  5. fowlerisgod Says:

    Gerrards second gives me goosebumps everytime i see it

  6. scouse142 Says:

    our time will come again, kennys bringing back the glory days!

  7. scouse142 Says:

    -2012- <3!

  8. MrVideorev Says:

    omg everyone uses this music, wats gd about it anyway gd vid

  9. kakakekekiki1000 Says:

    you’ll never score alone

  10. Shanney166musicgirl Says:

    Why are all the F flying around ?

  11. ilovepooloads Says:

    @GregHWiggy the music is shite to be fair dude

  12. GregHWiggy Says:

    @YoungfLip974 fuck you, y don’t you make your own videos before you comment on mine you piece of shit

  13. YoungfLip974 Says:

    fuck you with your music stupid gay

  14. prosoc9 Says:

    Man i hated it liverpool back when they would shit on everyone but now I miss them in the champions league. :[

  15. MrMojoboy786 Says:

    hahah real madrid reminded me of derby cunty there. the way babel skipped past ramos in the 3rd goal. NICE!

  16. liverpoollad0505 Says:

    This my friends is when Torres used to be good.

    SUAREZ !

  17. duttyblud Says:

    wots the song called please

  18. KingDcome11 Says:

    Liverpool my favorite English premier league team . I hate Chelsea , arsenal , man u

  19. KingDcome11 Says:

    Madrid sux haha

  20. ogervasio Says:

    what is the name of this song ? someone said it is Underdog from Kasabian, but is not…YNWA !

  21. cfcsteve86 Says:

    You lot where good that season, shame we had to beat you next round 🙂

  22. PanosDCC Says:

    2 things suck in this video: Madrid and the music…

  23. 0126095673 Says:

    ahhhhh.. i was having a nice cup of coffee during this game.. after 90mins++, i leave the shop with a smile.. no words, juz a big smile.. those were the days.

  24. ese7alex Says:

    Thumbs Up if you are TIRED of this song!

  25. morningkick Says:

    F**kin Madird