Kenny Dalglish liverpool manager to see the finished pic King Kenny is back again at anfield,as quickly as I heard previous night time I was on to this iconic portrait of the man himself,i will paint it next,hope u like Kenneth Mathieson “Kenny” Dalglish MBE (born 4 March 1951 in Glasgow, Scotland), is a former Scottish footballer and present manager of Liverpool. Throughout his twenty-12 months career, he played for just two teams, Scottish Premier League club Celtic for 8 years and English Premier League facet Liverpool for twelve decades. Dalglish is identified for his successes at both teams most notably winning the European Cup with Liverpool on three occasions, in 1978, 1981 and 1984. In 2009, he was named by FourFourTwo football magazine as the best submit-war British striker,[one] and he was put very first in Liverpool’s checklist of “one hundred Players Who Shook the Kop”.[2] Having manufactured 102 appearances, Dalglish is the most capped player in the heritage of the Scottish national team. He and Denis Law also share the report for most goals for Scotland, with thirty strikes each and every. Dalglish started his job as a youth player at Celtic and broke into the 1st crew in 1971, becoming a prolific striker for the club. He was made the team captain in 1975 and in between 1971 and 1977 he won four Scottish 1st Division titles, 4 Scottish Cups and one Scottish League Cup. His performances led to call-ups for the nationwide crew he was component of the undefeated 1974 FIFA World Cup Scotland group, and scored to carry victory more than rivals England in
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21 Responses to “Kenny Dalglish liverpool manager”

  1. Barrechor Says:

    @newyorkrovers lol you absolute muppet. Go and look it up. He finished 2nd with Newcastle in the 96/97 campaign. Get some facts right before you make stupid and idiotic statements you complete bellend.

  2. newyorkrovers Says:

    ps apart from suar’es the best two liverpool players on show with any form are the two hodgson brought in but couldnt play thru injury ! oh n by the way was’nt dalglish the man that brought cole in against the better judgemant of a lot of pundits and certainly without the conscent of the newly put in place hodgson ? yeah great manager dalglish hahahahahahah

  3. newyorkrovers Says:

    there couldnt of been a better result for all concerned in football when the resurgent west brom under the management of roy hodgson beat liverpool this weekend ! hodgson knows how to manage teams with no money or primadonnas ? dalglish n his 60 million spending spree hahahahahahaha ! yeah go on lump it up to carral sod playin footy

  4. newyorkrovers Says:

    @Barrechor he left them in a mess just like he did liverpool ! he didnt finish second with newcastle ya clown what book you bin reading…?

  5. newyorkrovers Says:

    @BuryLadBen5 no he didnt ! he left liverpool in a mess after living off fagans but morso the leftovers of the greatest side there ever was under paisley ! he left the immediate managers nothing except has beens n never will be’s………….ps when his manage’ment was tested to the full ? apart from walkers millions at blackburn which aquired a already potent pair of strikers in shearer n sutton ! he left them nothing else….and has for newcastle and celtic hhahah sums him up perfact

  6. liver14pool Says:

    You are doing a great job! I will like you to put some musics to your videos. YNWA!!!

  7. Barrechor Says:

    @newyorkrovers He finished 2nd and 7th with Newcastle before leaving. He won the league with Blackburn then Roy Hodgson was the man who got them relegated. He was in charge at Celtic for half a season and actually won the Scottish Cup during that time. Get a clue and some facts right before you rant again.

  8. MrElgemann Says:

    @MrWalks12 im in Norway on friday….

  9. MrWalks12 Says:

    sure i am in liverpool this friday

  10. MrElgemann Says:

    Can i buy one;-) ???

  11. legandrydirk Says:

    @newyorkrovers Dalglish left Liverpool cos Hillsborgh tramitised him.And Clough did nothing to help.The police asked the two of them on to the park to speak.And only Kenny did the right thing that day.Walkers millions was pea nuts to whats on offer in EPL today.His football hearts in Liverpool.He was never a true Celtic man.Just like his M8 Danny McGrain.He grow up supporting Rangers.He also won Liverpool the league,as player boss.Before they changed the name to the EPL.Dalglish 4 Scotland job.

  12. HenryJGondorff Says:

    fantastic mate…..absolutely perfect

  13. BuryLadBen5 Says:

    @newyorkrovers Souness went against the Liverpool way. He tried bringing too many youngsters in at once instead of moulding them gradually. Look at the managerial records.

  14. newyorkrovers Says:

    @BuryLadBen5 no he didnt check the history ? dalglish left nothing after exhausting fagans team !

  15. stadtrade102 Says:

    dalglish was so good at celtic he even took time out to play golf and hes even shite at that kenny the tee off king or should be play he actualy back from holiday

  16. BuryLadBen5 Says:

    @newyorkrovers Sounness ruined Liverpool, not Dalglish

  17. newyorkrovers Says:

    dalglish left liverpool in a mess ! he also left blackburn in a mess after fleeting success with walkers millions ! erm failed miserably at celtic and took newcastle down ! he has tried twice with celtic and newcastle to stamp his so called managerial skills and failed miserably when a club needed great managemant to get them out of trouble and build for the future end of !

  18. newyorkrovers Says:

    after dalglish took over from fagan ? it was fagans squad that won dalglish his trophys as manager ! when dalglish left liverpool he left a poor squad with the old way of bringing players thru the bootroom all but gone ! yep dalglish did not improve liverpool as a manager ? in my opinion he exhausted what he inherited with no improvement or base for the future ! erm want he the manager who started buying as beens like david speedie ect ?

  19. newyorkrovers Says:

    erm dont think bringing back the man who was instrumental in liverpools fall from grace is good for the club tbh

  20. brownersgang Says:

    Can i buy this ? great Work. Oh and welcome Home sir kenny. All hail the KING

  21. binny85 Says:

    Wow! Great job! YNWA & welcome back King Kenny!