Jordan Henderson joins Liverpool with N’Gog Departure (6.7.2011)

Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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27 Responses to “Jordan Henderson joins Liverpool with N’Gog Departure (6.7.2011)”

  1. the689anomoly Says:

    nice vid

  2. 09Rayzer Says:

    Nice video, but sorry is that a joke about David Ngog? He will never be one of the best strikers in the world! haha never. If he is one day i will give you all my money. Ngog is pretty shit end of. Also, was he definately part of the deal i thought it was just 16 million. Why is Ashley Young a cunt by the way? i think hes a brilliant player, id love him at the club, we really need a couple of pacey skillful wingers. A cunt is someone like Joey Barton mate.

  3. ModestBandit Says:

    N’Gog looses possession so much I want to cut my man parts off!!!

  4. jonesybum Says:

    @RexTheYank You are insanely wrong. When was the last time you saw Anelka play? He is easily one of the most gifted players I have ever seen play at Anfield. He glides across the pitch, movement is fantastic, can turn on a sixpence and his finishing is outstanding. He just doesn’t give a shit most of the time. You also know Benzema scored 26 goals this season, right?

  5. RoryEveritt2010 Says:

    David N’Gog is guna be one of the best strikers ? fuck off you stupid yank

  6. rpqrtq Says:

    Nice to see liverpool supporters in america

  7. slimboyfathead Says:

    @RexTheYank Kuyts not a right winger either

  8. HadoukevMoongoose Says:

    What can i say we develop the best at our academy, Your welcome Liverpool

  9. ILOVER4NC1D Says:

    N’gog isn’t part of the deal :L

  10. IIEvoGamingII Says:

    Great deal great player welcome to liverpool

  11. michaelangelo24 Says:

    Just caught the end of the vid where you state downing is better than young and that young is cunt, grow up cheddar. If Young had already signed for the reds you wouldn’t be saying that. Just because he’s off to the mancs you feel you have to have a dig. I don’t buy the “I’ll stand by it” statement because you’ve mentioned it when the deal with United is pretty much done. Please enlighten me how he acts “like a prick” He’s far more talented than Downing will ever be!!!

  12. michaelangelo24 Says:

    Mate nice to see you’re avidly following the reds but you do talk some nonsense….. saying you wouldn’t be happy if we paid 16.5 mill and that you’d be pissed if we even paid 15 mill then in the next breath sating the deal is worth 20 mill and that its a fantastic deal…… That’s horse shit in my opinion, maybe you need to start scripting your stuff chief so you don’t contradict yourself. The fee means shit all as long as you are happy with the player, You aint paying so don’t worry bout it!

  13. mrahman1992 Says:

    @SafcJordan19 You are very upset Henderson left, correct?As a liverpool I am very annoyed we are spending ludicrous amounts of money on other teams local lads when we have our own.

  14. SafcJordan19 Says:

    thanks for the £16 million + N’Gog liverpool xx

  15. XxLittleMonster95xX Says:

    Thanks for N’gog…kind of, anyway, good luck Henderson! 🙂

  16. ThinkThorough Says:

    Bit harsh about Ashley Young – Over the past 5 years he got on average – 7.4 goals & 10.8 assists per season. Over the same time span Downing got on average – 5 goals & def not as many assists.

  17. Ali2010247 Says:

    Welcome To Liverpool Jordan Henderson! YNWA

  18. trudon Says:

    @mikeypezza explain as to why he’s dreadful

  19. paulgregs2006 Says:

    good to see some reds in america

  20. tommybha123 Says:

    it wernt 11 million

  21. mikeypezza Says:

    @CmeNOWsoFLYii carols dredful,

  22. 7ChaosBlack Says:

    I agree.
    Pacheco is pure quality. He wasn’t called El Asesino for nothing. He got great vision.

  23. saifnabiLFC4LIFE Says:

    you relise that you say 12 mill in video but in discription you put 11

  24. CmeNOWsoFLYii Says:

    Also Pacheco is a lot better than N’gog, but if we sign Wickham Pacheco has no chance, dnt 4get we’ve also got Adam Morgan

  25. RexTheYank Says:

    It’s not hard to be one of the best French strikers, just look at Benzema and Anelka, very very limited players who are not very physical. Exactly like N’Gog 😀

  26. heitinga Says:

    They think its all over…

  27. Soccer Blog Says:

    best football blog ever!