Funny Football Chants: Man United | Liverpool | Man City

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25 Responses to “Funny Football Chants: Man United | Liverpool | Man City”

  1. Albert Hofmann Says:

    english football fans have gone poor in recent years compared to rest of
    europe but no one can beat are humor

  2. sasorisasori11 Says:

    I obviously don’t like the club, but City have some good chants.

  3. fcumpassion Says:

    Doesn’t beat any FC United chant.

  4. Larry Lim Says:

    Funny Football Chants by the Premier League Clubs…We Gonna Have A Party
    When Suarez Gets A Pen…LMAO!!!

  5. MrExcalibur5000 Says:

    the Puncheon one is too funny.

  6. Adrian Bairstow Says:

    Bradford chant at the end 

  7. Emilian Tomas Says:

    Great video . Plsease make some more !

  8. Jesse James Says:

    Birmingham fans HAHAHAHA poor fella was stood there devastated and they
    carried on and on. Hahahahaha

  9. Mat Waring Says:

    it’s all your fault

  10. oliver Scott Says:

    YAYA YAYA YAYA KOLO KOLO KOLO possibly best chant of all time, from a
    united fan

  11. James Stenderson Says:

    Can someone explain the Joe Hart chants.. ?

  12. Cool Slim Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the chant :
    city city city thats the way we like it, like it, like it ohowoawoaaaaa

  13. Khalil Bourguiba Says:

    He did a commercial for head and shoulders’ dandruff free shampoo

  14. Tyler Hooker Says:

    Just me passing through here not knowing what any of you are talking about
    :/ -_-

  15. 88Anesthetize Says:

    Hats off to the Mackems for that Nolan chant.

    Genuinely made me laugh.

  16. Josh Crawley Says:

    Man city took it of us Marlon and Jason. Barnsley fc uUTR

  17. Azza1o1 Says:

    That awkward moment when Rangers have a higher attendance than most bpl

  18. Actor Kris Mavericko Says:

    Take a 2-min break with this comedy. funny accent:
    COMEDY – FUNNY ACCENTS – FUNNY MAN Buys COFFEE [Actor Kris Mavericko]
    Enjoy & Cheers~

  19. Tom Benoist Says:

    People going on about loyal City fans, please! Even against smaller teams
    Old Trafford is always full. Sold out. City never sell out. And I seriously
    doubt that any of the around 35000 or so City fans in the Etihad are loyal

  20. Ian Child Says:

    Aderbayor chant water about that

  21. Tom Squires Says:

    Hahaa the Nolan one is class, made me lol

  22. Aiden Davis Says:

    United fans are poor. 

  23. 42RockST Says:

    Come on you irons 

  24. talkSPORT Says:

    Funny Football Chants: Man United | Liverpool | Man City and more
    #mufc #lfc #mcfc 

  25. RkoAhrims Says:

    Tony Pulis at 0:13