FIFA SOCCER 11: “We Are 11” Series, Episode 4 – “You’ll Never Walk Alone: Liverpool’s Anthem”

EA Sports FIFA SOCCER 11 and VBS.Tv bring you to Liverpool, England for a opportunity to meet the creator of the famed stadium chant “You’ll In no way Stroll Alone.” In this fourth episode of the eleven-aspect “We Are 11” series, we stroll the grounds of Anfield Stadium with Gerry Marsden (of Gerry & the Pacemakers fame). Hailing from Liverpool, he is responsible for writing the tune that grew to become the best soccer chant at any time, “You are going to By no means Stroll Alone.” Although this tune is close to numerous soccer clubs’ hearts, its roots undeniably stem from Liverpool, so we made the decision to get to the core of it all by hearing it from the resource Gerry Marsden himself. On our visit with him to Anfield Stadium, the property of the Liverpool Football Club, we observed out how it all began. Join our 11 on Facebook for far more exclusive subject material:
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25 Responses to “FIFA SOCCER 11: “We Are 11” Series, Episode 4 – “You’ll Never Walk Alone: Liverpool’s Anthem””

  1. trfinck Says:

    @jayflayer that’s why it took over a hundred years for americans to finally realize they were in the wrong sport. Now learn to call it Football.

  2. yelaiyi Says:

    Liverpool rocks!!!

  3. TheFreePisces Says:


  4. jayflayer Says:

    john henry will make liverpool better. your welcome for suarez btw. dont hate the americans… we know what were doing.

  5. puff0tuff Says:

    still not as good as the mighty red devils

  6. shadowsandsmiles Says:


  7. bobthespin Says:

    lol asian guy

  8. NickGPWin1989 Says:

    Fair play to Liverpool, you have the best song, my club Chelsea have some nice old songs but Liverpool have the best

  9. Anfieldroad1072 Says:

    gr8one, but cant they let some proper lads sing it 🙂 LOL
    anyway gr8 vid

  10. busteddon Says:

    You’ve got to admit. They sing pretty bad. Those individual fans in this video. lol

  11. Tato9412 Says:

    You really have to be british to speak english and make them use subtitles on what you’re saying!

  12. Salzcamino Says:

    I’m only 14, and I’m just a new football fan. Before even watching Liverpool, I knew they were the club for me. And I just wait for the day when we get a sixth Champion’s league trophy or the day we break the EPl drought, look over to my friends and family with the biggest grin on my face, and say “Told you they’ll never walk alone.” Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  13. mikemacjunkie1 Says:

    oups. mistake in the end credits. wasn’t written by Gerry & The Pacemakers, but actually Rogers & Hammerstein. But it was performed by them, they did make it famous!! 🙂 G&TP that is.

  14. mikemacjunkie1 Says:

    I’m so glad they actually got Gerry in this video!! He represents so well!! GO GERRY & LIVERPOOL!!

  15. joevigil13 Says:

    @IHaZaRDx there’s nothing wrong with americans, i’m american. unfortunately though, rich american men are all stupid cunts. i don’t blame you, or the rest of the world for thinking all americans are stupid, we elected bush for christ’s sake. most americans are idiots, but not all of them.

  16. fotball1337 Says:

    Greatest side. YNWA

  17. gelyn64 Says:

    Pause at 5:29 there’s an ad that says ‘These Blueshirts are your friends’ xD.

    great vid, great series. YNWA.

  18. gelyn64 Says:

    @ps2peter thanks very much :). YNWA

  19. Bryanndk Says:

    @IanJohn14 It’s not a cup, it’s The Kop – The famous area behind one the goals at Anfield

  20. IanJohn14 Says:

    Can anybody please explain to me how a Cup would be singing?

  21. lowinsky97 Says:

    @HamburgFreak77 i love Germany and Liverpool!

  22. MrGkramer Says:

    You liverpool fans will always walk alone.

  23. andalore1989 Says:

    Wow, I cant believe this is an official video considering EA practically slagged off LFC in FIFA 11 by recording the wrong chants.

  24. ROBINSON300r Says:


  25. susanneahoi Says:

    ohja, das ist wirklich einzigartig.