Fernando Torres Interview Saying He Wants To STAY at Liverpool (03.08.10)

Fernando Torres gave an interview with LFCTV upon returning to teaching soon after the Globe Cup 2010 exactly where he said he wishes to stay at LFC… COPYRIGHT I DO NOT Own THIS Video!
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25 Responses to “Fernando Torres Interview Saying He Wants To STAY at Liverpool (03.08.10)”

  1. ClanTwat Says:

    Bleh…What a dirty liar. All he wants is Champions League and ££££

  2. 0113L Says:

    u scum

  3. MrNflow Says:

    Money talks.

  4. Alexelinho3000 Says:

    he was the best striker in the world…… chelski have the new Fernando……We Had the BEST Fernando

  5. jaybird157 Says:

    stupid scouser cunts. up the chels

  6. tunnyboy80 Says:

    Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies

  7. stevg8liverpool Says:

    Lying bugger

  8. jennifer4123 Says:

    Fernando Fernando Fernando. <33

  9. lene2die4 Says:

    @TheFreePisces Haha trust me, I am super excited 😉 Took me the whole of 2 hours to understand we’re much better off without him! Future is bright. Couldnt say the same about nando. but we’ll see. So sorry luv, this hopeless loser is full of hope 😉

  10. CharlotteGV Says:

    @TheFreePisces oh wow, only an ignorant prick like you would not know that we’re only 5 points and one spot behind you. meaning chelsea is not even in the top 4 anymore! being beaten out by tottenham, wow that’s got to hurt!

  11. TheFreePisces Says:

    @eurodanlo TORRES TORRES!!!!


  12. TheFreePisces Says:

    @CharlotteGV If we suck and you’re way under us

    that means you suck more

    faggot lol

  13. TheFreePisces Says:



  14. tores4oy Says:

    Chelsea! :X

  15. eurodanlo Says:

    He’s now a blue he was a red, Torres! Torres!
    He left the Kop to join the shed Torres! Torres!
    He used to go out on the rob, but now he’s got a proper job
    Fernando Torres, Chelsea’s no.9!

  16. CharlotteGV Says:

    @ToxicityOfOurCity ooh burn

  17. 12from12 Says:

    You can’t blame him no champions league again next year, he wants to win trophies.

  18. ToxicityOfOurCity Says:

    The only thing that sucks here is your song writing skills, dumbass.

  19. crazymafia117 Says:

    hahaahahahah this is complete bullshit what a fucking trader lmao he is on Chelsesa now smh

  20. mcdelive Says:

    @ASKendrew It dont work like that mate. Cristiano left united, but it dosent mean he wasnt loyal to utd. He wanted to fulfill his dreams & ambitions. Even Rooney wanted to leave. Fabregas wanted to go to Barca.. Look at Tevez…! So lets not start this betrayal, liar, cheat & all that nonsence… Bottom line is Torres was a great player for Liverpool, both in & out of the pitch… Lets wish him all the best at Chelsea & hope he stays in premier league years to come so we can watch him play..!

  21. ASKendrew Says:

    So basically that was all lies.

  22. CharlotteGV Says:

    his armband proves he’s not a read
    torres, torres
    from now you’ll walk alone, it said
    torres, torres
    you bought the lad from liverpool
    but against us you’re gonna lose
    fernando torres, drogba’s bff

    chelsea suck

  23. csicsusz Says:

    F.Torres !!yeah in Chelsea 😛

  24. ryan99er Says:

    @Bundz86 prick he will win fuck all at chelsea this season and next season

  25. jjespeer Says:

    @blackjackfob FUCK YOU , YOU LITTLE CUNT