Fernando Torres 09/10 All Goal (HD)

All of El Niño ambitions this year which includes a hat-trick yet again Hull and scoring against the Mancs. Comment charge and Subscribe. [tags]: Arsenal one-three Manchester United [05/05/2009] – Objectives and Highlights – UEFA Champions League Ronaldo(two) Park Van Persie – The Ronaldo Show Actual Madrid 2-six FC Barcelona 02/05/2009 – 2th May possibly – The Classic – Objectives and Highlights Cristiano Ronaldo [NEW2009] – The Proof – Who explained i’m not the finest? Manchester one- Arsenal [29/04/2009] – O’shea (17′) – Champions League 2008-09 This is a new up to date video clip of who I feel are the current leading ten football (soccer) gamers in the world. I have based mostly this on type and real expertise to pick the top ten. There are so a lot of talented footballers at the second, who do you think will take leading spot? Here are the gamers that I selected from: Premier League Manchester 5-two Tottenham Ronaldo 2 Rooney Berbatov bent modric Hull one-three Liverpool Kuyt Alonso Geovanni two-two henry messi eto’o pablo maduro resumen completo Highlights in high quality sevilla two-four genuine madrid raul hat-trick marclo capel renato liga española 4 puntos 02/05/2009 23/05/2009 Genuine Madrid – FC Barcelona santiago bernabeu ac milan 3- palermo kaká 2 inzaghi fiorentina 4-one arsenal 2- middlesbrough cesc fabregas 2 Sergio Kun Agüero (Atlético Madrid)Samir Nasri (Arsenal)Fernando Torres (Liverpool)Zlatan Ibrahimovic(Inter Milan)Kaká (AC Milan)Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) – -1 -two -3 -four -5 -six -seven -8 -9 -ten one- two- 3- four- five- 6- 7- eight- nine- ten- 1-one
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25 Responses to “Fernando Torres 09/10 All Goal (HD)”

  1. sukhking Says:

    Naa naa naa na naa nnaaa

    Nando torres…….. terry’s gonnna F your wife……

  2. Olinolan190 Says:

    Should of stayed with Liverpool man, chelsea’ll do ya no good…. Plus they’re cunts

  3. metalheadFTW123 Says:

    @TheTorres246 im pretty sure you dont play like him, torres has a uniqe style not anyone can match his style PERIOD

  4. Oravio123 Says:

    Andy Gray at the end, Fucking Legend!

  5. TheTorres246 Says:

    i play at school….i play just like him….
    everyone call me torres…
    im his HUGE fan..!!!…go TORRES..!!

  6. amirbinomar Says:

    He was a good lad. He was one of my fav. Consistency and class. Poor thing he thinks 3 1/2 years is too long enough.

  7. mark162able Says:

    NEW Torres song on my channel BLUES 😀

  8. GnESupastar Says:

    Just think how much greater he could have been/ could go on to be should his career not be threatened by injury. I think he could be even better than he is already.

  9. track06 Says:

    From Spain, Torres is a fantastic Striker, but he has been little respect for Liverpool

  10. futbolboy7910 Says:

    @warpfield98 true

  11. warpfield98 Says:

    @futbolboy7910 well he scored two goals against Wolves, but lets face it his season hasn’t met his previous standards

  12. futbolboy7910 Says:

    @warpfield98 he already is

  13. APETHETICaL Says:


  14. warpfield98 Says:

    damn shame the form he is in now. i really hope he bounces back soon.

  15. steviegeorgegerrard0 Says:


  16. Bajs163 Says:

    where is the goal vs Lille and Benfica?? and blackburn!

  17. Thomasnigga Says:

    O Torres! We need you to find your form back again…. Come on Torres make a resolution that come 2011, u gonna be scoring more goals for the kop!!!


  18. npods55 Says:

    @KratosImortl88 Chicane – Poppiholla

  19. fccu1122 Says:

    Goal against Man Utd is the Best… Torres is the Best… You can’t keep Fernando Torres down !

  20. fccu1122 Says:

    Goal against Manchester United is the best…. Fernando Torres is the Best… You can,t keep Fernando Torres down !

  21. magnusak1 Says:

    great video, but this is not all the goals he scored last season. he scored 18 in 20 starts and I could only count 11 or 12 here. where is his screamer against sunderland;S?

  22. KratosImortl88 Says:

    WHAT AN AMAZING SIGHT ABSOLUTELY SMASHING!!! TORRES 4EVER! oh and whats the song called??

  23. GordonHamilton01 Says:

    The last goal in the video is the only copy on youtube a hink.

  24. Anne00812 Says:

    they’re all wonderful goals.

  25. IcyZane Says:

    @redforlife 123 i totally agree with u!! Fernando Torres is the best liverpool can even have in the team!