Cat Power – Watch a cat crash a football game – Liverpool Tottenham

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25 Responses to “Cat Power – Watch a cat crash a football game – Liverpool Tottenham”

  1. 최환규 Says:

    cat wanted to show them how to score goal but nobody pass him a ball
    so he angry and gone 

  2. Ling DaSweetPie Says:

    That cat looks like Maru the cat :))))) so cute lol

  3. Adelia Games Says:

    Aww, so cute 🙂 that cat likes football! It want to play whit real players

  4. sarnobat2000 Says:

    I can’t believe Alan Parry showed so little enthusiasm for cats. The
    international commentary team (Ian Darke and Steve McManaman) showed so
    much more love for it.

  5. ikhsan prabowo Says:


  6. Kyle Swann Says:


  7. ItsAnita Says:

    Wow, get over it!

  8. Fajc Smajilovic Says:

    haha nice!!!

  9. jan320 Says:

    @LookMaNoBrains that cat can get laid more than you ever could 🙂

  10. Jil Takia Says:

    poor kitty look like very scary

  11. Maienka Says:

    pass to the cat!

  12. GigaGamerXP Says:

    OMFG…..there british!

  13. michael mitchell Says:

    @LookMaNoBrains if you look closely it went past spurs defence was at the
    spurs end what game was you watching lol.

  14. inoshikasakunaru Says:

    Why is Greece in England? (Hetalia Refrence)

  15. Bayu Anggara Says:

    hahahaha,, sweet cat,,

  16. No1KCfan6 Says:

    he/she is adorable!

  17. opalgatinha Says:

    that was awesome and so cute!

  18. julian damien Says:

    shows how smart sports people are….ther all like “duh..a cat..i don’t
    understand” just pick him up and take him to the side morons

  19. vickytaspartan Says:

    awww! so cute!!

  20. D rMerkin Says:

    Held up play better then Andy Carroll

  21. TheGenuineLad Says:

    Brad Friedel doe not play for Liverpool you clown

  22. nicko TT Says:

    cat troll!

  23. Mikkel Olesen Says:

    hes cute.

  24. Marcella Kerr Says:

    00:04 hes gone round Friedel. He must be good.

  25. Sean Cheah Says:

    @LookMaNoBrains except that was tottenham’s. tool