You’ll Never Walk Alone! Live! Celtic vs. Liverpool

You’ll Never ever Walk By yourself! Dwell! Celtic vs. Liverpool thirteen.03.03 Beste Fussballhymne WO GIBT!
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25 Responses to “You’ll Never Walk Alone! Live! Celtic vs. Liverpool”

  1. Seduns Says:


    I agree it’s known that this is Liverpool’s song yet other clubs continue to try to sing it… why…

  2. TheNeilos2 Says:

    celtic fans are shit at singing it is a liverpool song

  3. steveLIVERPOOL2389 Says:

    Im sorry! Liverpool sang it first!(IMO) but that doesnt mean celtic cant sing it! Liverpool and celtic have always had connections so let us not fight, Dalglish loved celtic and is now the King at the Anfield palace! and celtic fans were great to us after hillbrough! YNWA

  4. steveLIVERPOOL2389 Says:

    @CheethamHillRed you fucking cunt!

  5. steveLIVERPOOL2389 Says:

    @KyleOneill1 No Way! watch liverpool vs barca!

  6. TheOldboy66 Says:

    Hátborzongató hallgatni!

  7. timaloh18888 Says:

    FFS..what would ROGERS & HAMMERSTEIN 11 say if they thought two proud clubs had “stole” there song..CAROUSEL 1945,the only fans that hate us singing this are the pissis them off keep the faith liverpool/celtic YWNWA.

  8. 94BillyBoy Says:

    M´Gladbach & Liverpool !

  9. denais08 Says:

    and then diouf ruins it all by spitting on a fan!!

  10. Aja703 Says:

    great thats football !!!!

  11. europapatriot Says:

    BVB and Celtic!

  12. KyleOneill1 Says:

    I’m a Celtic Supporter and a Liverpool fan.. But Celtic are 10 times better at this than Liverpool.. Anyone agree? 🙂 YNWA

  13. B4tt3ryGO Says:

    Love this song… we have just beaten man utd.
    C’mon let us sing along, celtic and l’pool fans 🙂 thumbs up!

  14. bogdog89 Says:

    @CheethamHillRed why the fuck would you say that you piece of shit

  15. Goomba234 Says:

    Does anyone care of about the actual game? …..American sports fan

  16. LiveCeltic Says:

    This is why I fucking love those green and white Hoops. YNWA.

  17. lldsmaciel Says:

    and at the end of the game ended 4 -3 for Vasco da Gama) started to follow the team and even have official shirt of Liverpool and not use any form of shirts from other teams than the Vasco da Gama or liverpool … I got an official shirt Chelsea gift, but I could not use, so I sold. My heart is Vasco da Gama / Liverpool!
    “O sentimento não pode parar”/ ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone”

  18. lldsmaciel Says:

    My name is Leonardo, I am Brazilian and fan of Vasco da Gama (the same who won 3-1 in Manshit in 2000), always watched English football on television,
    and had enough admiration for Liverpool, but to watch the final of the Champions against Milan and see the race and will of Liverpool in that game …
    that day on I also became more a fan of Liverpool, (also happened with the Vasco da Gama against Palmeiras in the final of the Copa Mercosur in 2000,
    when the game was 3-0 for the Palmeiras

  19. chitammuollo Says:

    questi sono tifosi..altro che interisti o romanisti…. beati voi che non sapere neanche che esistono…

  20. CheethamHillRed Says:


  21. Domainza Says:

    FucK ManU

  22. nofatman Says:

    we sang fields of athenry first,liverpool robbed that

  23. forbsie1888 Says:

    @Mynamesnigel As a celtic fan, I agree. I have no intentions of complaining who had it first. At the end of the day, this match, this song, and the harmony between the 2 teams was immense. Second to none. LFC + Celtic FC! You’ll Never Walk Alone!

  24. elkopite Says:

    @Mynamesnigel……….. ha ha ha ha ha ha

  25. tumaniso Says:

    Dortmund loves u too Celtic 🙂