XABI ALONSO | Come Home | Liverpool Football Club

Movie Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “XABI ALONSO | Come Home | Liverpool Football Club”

  1. Ven Player Says:

    Xabi Alonso a world class CM!!!!

  2. Kesper Evans Says:

    I fucking miss that player :'(

  3. Prateek Jain Says:

    @evilhafiz4 same here! 🙁 miss him so much…! that great no.14 jersey is
    now worn by hendo..! :

  4. kLFCreds2 Says:

    @RouteOneFootball Probably my favorite part, such a goober laugh! loool

  5. JSThiara Says:

    If Henry went back to Arsenal and Scholes went back to United, why can’t
    Xabi come back to us? I’d love to see him grace a Liverpool top once more.

  6. Cara Delevingne Says:

    Come home Xabi 🙁 You were my favorite LFC player ever :'(

  7. krimadand Says:

    Whats the song called?

  8. JUZAMAN1998 Says:

    great vid

  9. Numair Mujeeb Says:

    He’s the reason I bought a Liverpool jersey with the number 14 at the back.
    Love you Xabi! Hope you come back one day.

  10. fanthomaslol Says:

    I know he want to play for Liverpool again we know he want to play for
    Liverpool, Please come back and be our maestro on the midtfield you belong
    on Anfiled YNWA!!!!!

  11. tenzin la Says:

    adam+spearing+ henderson+ = xabi alonso

  12. Alex Jepson Says:

    Rafa is one of the best managers liverpool have had in along time

  13. habib watfa Says:

    It made me cry,pleasse come home xabi we all miss you

  14. LiverpoolComps Says:

    Xabi himself said he would love to come back, and he has his “red blood,
    and red passion” Please Kenny, just bring him back.

  15. Hasmik Margarian Says:

    r u ok? if u don’t understand me tell me! the problem is that i agree with
    u! damn

  16. Hasmik Margarian Says:

    Xabi, come home! we need you!

  17. Tananphorn Uthaiwannaphorn Says:

    I miss him T-T

  18. xxxkingmayoxxx Says:

    Why rafa …. why…. who the fuck sells xabi to try and get Barry ? why

  19. Garth806 Says:

    xabi was so much happier at liverpool then madrid

  20. jizman123456789 Says:

    All our problems started when he left! Would be great to see him back

  21. Dani Stavrou Says:

    you are in wrong place xabi please come back!!

  22. ikram miah Says:

    Alonso and Gerrard in the middle of the park for liverpool were both
    perfect and dangerous they complemented each other like red and green, him
    leaving effectively killed our world class form. wish he would come back
    home and lift us up

  23. R0bski Says:

    I’d love him to come home more than anything, but lets face it, hes winning
    trophies in Spain, hes at one of the best clubs in the world. Where are
    Liverpool? Fighting in mid table. Maybe one day when he loses his place in
    the Madrid team, but unfortunately that day is not today.

  24. Ezequiel Calvente Says:

    what are you on about?

  25. Jordxn94 Says:

    One Republic Come Home