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25 Responses to “Top 10 Goals: Episode 2 ft. Liverpool’s Fernando Torres & Steven Gerrard by JX23 (FIFA 10) Sports”

  1. tomRJFC Says:

    take a bow son! 😀

  2. HURSTx Says:

    nnumber 3 is like van persies for arsenal against charlton

  3. 09barono Says:

    Number 6 was the best one

  4. joeh2346 Says:

    HEY GREAT VIDEO ive got a good left foot to when i shot 2 years ago it accidently broke his wrist peace out youre amazing

  5. cod6maniac1000 Says:

    soccer am unbelievable tekkers FTW!!!!!!!!

  6. LAGxBestVidsEver Says:


  7. UpTheGunners9595 Says:

    @iRepFifa You need to convert the files using a program type into google “Flv to Avi” Converter and you should be able to use them.

  8. delmago1 Says:

    Re indianajoe
    Why Do You Type Like This?

  9. ryan10165 Says:

    machinima sports? u guys might as well own youtube :/

  10. Jaffa4567 Says:

    @iRepFifa when you download the replay from easportsfootballworld it downloads them as a .flv file and windows movie maker can not read that type of file so you need a flv converter I hope this helps champ

    Check out my channel for a fifa vid i just posted.

  11. mr2010maniac Says:

    Can you guys check my channel for some fifa goals and stuff!

  12. iRepFifa Says:

    jx23 uhmm im trying to make a fifa goal montage and i dont have a cap card, i was relying on using easports and downloading them on to my computer, and now that i have done that i cant put them on windows live movie maker because i dont have the file format :S im confused please help? or anyone that reads this comment?

  13. MrMetalHeadGuy Says:

    Number 2 was much better than 1, i’ve done basically everything in Number 1 and I can barely play professional.

  14. SSongwriterG Says:

    anyone else tired of these google ads?

  15. videoman1458 Says:

    @ChubbsThePenguin watch soccer Am saturday morning

  16. ChubbsThePenguin Says:

    @69bunnyfunny69 whats a tekker?

  17. RBxGames Says:

    @69bunnyfunny69 wtf are tekkers

  18. ronaldidho Says:

    @edsigns007 haha lol

  19. terroristpie Says:

    @JakballGene yeah man, i scored a siccsor kick i hope it makes it on top ten next week

  20. JakballGene Says:

    @terroristpie That was a pretty fuckin awesome goal

  21. danielg155 Says:

    Haha Soccer A.M ftw!!
    Some tekkers are good…
    Some tekkers are bad…

  22. terroristpie Says:

    number 10, i did mean to do that =]

  23. MegaNextGen Says:

    Are you guy making for pes 2010 ? :”D

  24. MegaNextGen Says:

    @edsigns007 thumbs up ! 😀

  25. symphony929 Says:

    Its only 360? Stupid..