The shin-pad that could prove whether Fernando Torres really did dive

The shin-pad that could prove regardless of whether Fernando Torres truly did dive
In what could spell negative news for Chelsea striker Fernando Torres and other alleged serial divers, a crew of designers has created revolutionary “anti-dive” shin pads.

Neville: Followers abuse component of getting Guy Utd player
Chelsea Liverpool Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson Gary Neville says copping abuse from opposition supporters is part of currently being a Manchester United player. Confronted with the notion that abuse from enthusiasts has increased to unacceptable levels in latest a long time, he is sceptical. “I am not positive about that,” he told the Mail on Sunday . “You could say that individual abuse of players is ridiculous and wrong …

Manchester United two – Fulham: United widen gap at top rated
Manchester United 2 Berbatov 12, Valencia 32 Fulham 0

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