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25 Responses to “The Best Football Skills & Goals HQ”

  1. vengatrajbr Says:

    nice dude

  2. jerini91 Says:

    this songs makes me wanne change the video the second i hear it!

  3. mylesCPFC Says:

    thumbs up if you muted after 00.2

  4. bacemitko Says:

    goooooood !!! 😛 football the best game 😉

  5. tur2001 Says:

    1:20 Could you tell me who passed a ball?

  6. SeanMoly101 Says:

    i like this song but is used to much on youtube

  7. TheVan10persie Says:

    The walcott run made it 2-2 on aggregate but arsenal would go through on away goal. This was scored in 87th min… Liverpool won 4-2

  8. dj1897 Says:

    that run by Walcott is awesome!

  9. TedRecordz Says:

    @welshbabe1984 lol im a barca fan

  10. faisal19887 Says:

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  11. welshbabe1984 Says:

    arsenal supporter then, u lost to liverpool in the end ha ha

  12. Mix123stabek Says:

    Thumps up if you muted the song!:)

  13. waawasad Says:

    Robinho is dancing with the defender hehehehehehe.
    de defender is good dancer 😉 lolz .
    robinho killer

  14. NikolaGraffitiRap Says:

    what to say ? Music is awesome! 😀

  15. AlexandrGrigorov Says:

    хуйня все это!

  16. haeckchenenrico Says:

    this song is so overused


    LOL! music was loud but this was GOOD!

  18. Formotion7 Says:

    everyone watch mah vids!!

  19. zsemle0 Says:

    Which music is this? Because what they do not write them in the video. :S

  20. MrSuperflyii Says:

    the first guy his stepovers were so slow aha omg

  21. tahpeet Says:

    why almost utube videos have this fucking annoying sound?

  22. tambolerokantatero Says:

    i love the video clippings but i hate the background sound… better else watch this muted…

  23. tambolerokantatero Says:

    i love the video clippings but i hate the background sound… better else watch this muted…

  24. 24inchPythons Says:

    1:51 my favorite move in fifa

  25. PORLOWZ Says:

    again this song omfg