Stevie G: Bring on City

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25 Responses to “Stevie G: Bring on City”

  1. 123hobnobs Says:


  2. squishyc9 Says:

    Stevie G =GooseBag!!!

  3. TChosenwun23 Says:

    oh they really talk like that?

  4. krkic5 Says:

    Liverpool always talk how there gona improve but neva do it

  5. Abdallah3621 Says:

    carroll is of course the great mistake of liverpool

  6. KidSchnuffle Says:

    @uzzzii894 You’ll Never Walk Alone 🙂

  7. uzzzii894 Says:

    What is YNWA?

  8. shaunak10lfc Says:

    i wanna see the stevie g days where he used to just pick up the ball , run past the whole team and smash a shot and its in the back of the net…week in week out…getting man of the match and doing interviews week in week out…game after game. cuz this man deserves it all

    YNWA stevie

  9. BarduriousHansen Says:

    Stop complaining about the signings! They’ve have’nt been that good! and the only one people are’nt complaining about is Adam. Still don’t understand why he is in the starting 11. Gerrard, Lucas, Spearing, Hendo and shelvey over him anyday!

  10. KINGIBYM Says:

    @rajaijaz007 Fuck off we don’t want fans like you. 

  11. one2NikE Says:

    great goal today by andy carroll.. FIRST TOUCH too

  12. BottomThe Says:

    robbie keane was the biggest liverpool mistake

  13. ashrayz Says:

    Welcome to Liverpool Darren Bent!

  14. MOwaisAshraf Says:

    Come on LADS!!!!!!!!! show the whole world what your made up of!!!

  15. happygosuntrainlfc Says:

    @rajaijaz007 TWO WORDS FOR YA : ROY HODGSGON

  16. AskefastHD Says:

    @ak47popper he did a great job. Even though he bought some wrong players. remember, he had those fucking bad owners too

  17. Shaafi93 Says:

    0:09 blackberry message alert

  18. PROROCKR Says:

    darren bent welcome to liverpool!!!!

  19. LouisTyrer18 Says:

    they fuckin brought it, to be honest

  20. SnowInTheSun Says:

    @lucashunter777 i do support my team without any dig….. but it’s real, if you had good results with Bellamy and Gerrard vs Newcastle, why not to try it again at a raining day 1 week later?? they both like to shoot from distance i believe we needed something else, not what we had vs City, that wasn’t the best choice.. even without Gerrard and Bellamy, why to play 5-4-1??
    maybe for the 1st half is ok, but the whole game? no thank you, that wasn’t a good dicision sorry but it’s the real thing.

  21. ak47popper Says:

    @AskefastHD why

  22. ak47popper Says:

    @BackInAGiffy have to agree with you there. they want instant fucking success, and can’t see we are in a transition period. AF took 3 seasons to get going with Utd, and already some malaysian cunts want KK out. the stupid fucks don’t realise we can’t attract ‘world class players’ because we aren’t in the CL

  23. BackInAGiffy Says:

    @ak47popper im not American mate, and all im saying is you get some dickheads on here and elsewhere saying whenever we win “oh we love you king kenny” then the next thing when we’re beaten by the league leaders its all “oh Kenny you’re shite piss off”

  24. lucashunter777 Says:

    @SnowInTheSun You do realize Bellamy can’t play 2 full games in a week,because of his knees? Not only that Gerrard has just come back from a pretty severe injury and hasn’t got his match fitness back yet? I really don’t see what Kenny could of done else,we lost to the league leaders because of three silly mistakes and we weren’t clinical enough,story of our season.Unless your FA approved coach,stop with the gimicks and support your team rather than having a dig.YNWA!

  25. ak47popper Says:

    @TheBatchingis he is coming back from injury