SPECIAL1 TV (S2-EP01) The One About Liverpool.

The wonderful one particular is back so bow down & worship at the alter of 1 JOSE DOS SANTOS MOURINHO. 1st broadcast on BBC3 in the uk on sixteen October 2010
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “SPECIAL1 TV (S2-EP01) The One About Liverpool.”

  1. bhoyAV7X Says:

    what’s the song they play during the Liverpool blog?

  2. 14skills14 Says:

    @MarianoRyu he plays for man u. therefore he’s taking the piss about liverpool.

  3. Portsmouth135 Says:

    Love the amount of ‘jog ons’ so far this episode !

  4. MarianoRyu Says:

    – Why is Wayne laughing?

  5. 0AdRiaNleE0 Says:

    @ericxpenner probably a liverpool supporter

  6. 0AdRiaNleE0 Says:

    lol 2nd best league in the world…

  7. alaskacity Says:

    “How dare you, I was simply holding out for my dream job with the Foxes” hahahahhaaa! hilarious!

  8. alaskacity Says:

    Great first episode! Loved it!

  9. hargreaves4scholes18 Says:

    @Doitchampions what time

  10. LondonTeen25 Says:

    when wayne cant help laughing at 2:04 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  11. utdfortreble Says:

    can’t believe it’s back brilliant.

  12. hag89 Says:

    ahahahahahahhaahha 😀
    Mou: “so youre saying that all you left for roy are rotten eggs?”
    Hudgson: “what rotten eggs??”

  13. Doitchampions Says:

    @epidawg BBC TV Big boss has informed me that episodes will air every other saturday & the new blog (which is great fun) will appear every week (direct link on this channels front page)

  14. jassim1800 Says:


  15. applecrumble111 Says:

    liverpool jokes hilarious!

  16. dijosoul Says:

    LOL @ Roy “speeding” to 3 points…great to see the show back

  17. nshahzad17 Says:


  18. johnnytorres9 Says:

    great to have it back, thanks @Doitchampions

  19. rimu5 Says:

    The liverpool jokes are hilarious.

  20. epidawg Says:

    @Doitchampions thanks good to know.
    can’t wait for the next episodes and the next 16 ones after that.

  21. rimu5 Says:

    I can’t get over Wayne Rooney’s comment. “Not if you’re liverpool.” Giggle

  22. MarcioDX10011 Says:

    the one who voted no on the rate of this video is the fat man aka Rafa Benitez

  23. dthevan Says:

    its an italian accent!!

  24. MrSaagar786 Says:

    Lol Sven still pimping around 🙂

  25. solberg05cz Says:

    That thumb down is from Voyeur !