SoccerAM | Best of Third Eye 2010 – HD Video

The best of 3rd eye shown on the soccer am xmas special, on christmas day, 25th December. 25/twelve/10 Includes some horses arriving the Tottenhams training ground, Gerrard getting refused a handshake by a West Brom mascot and the renowned FINGER of Maxi from Liverpool
Video Rating: four / five

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9 Responses to “SoccerAM | Best of Third Eye 2010 – HD Video”

  1. MoonStruckHAM Says:

    think this funny watch please watch My lucozade and me video ..please…….

  2. ErlindaWeiner Says:

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  3. TheYorkMan Says:

    Why do all the third eye uploads seem to be over 18 months old or more?

  4. iSkateOrMate Says:

    @AlexSnowBob hahaa, i was like, stevie always gets ignored :L


    wtf!! maxi!!

  6. JesseRoyle1 Says:

    hahahahaha! MAXI U LEGEND!

  7. TemptationInAGuitar Says:

    Hahahah yes Maxi what ARE you doing XDD

  8. AlexSnowBob Says:

    gerrard got rejected by a kid for the second time… loool he must hate his life

  9. asadaliazam Says: