Raheem Sterling

Vs his QPR teammate. Expertise!

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25 Responses to “Raheem Sterling”

  1. higgy2011 Says:

    raheem wins overall as hes the one whos gonna be a hit with a top club in liverpool

  2. iluvsingin97 Says:

    aww and he used to go to mA skl

  3. OMGroflwtflolgtgcya Says:

    How did Christian win? He kept handballing the damn thing!!

  4. tech4156 Says:

    @TheSamee phew, lucky him he will live.

  5. lilhashvideos Says:

    christian never scored 5 goals in a match…

  6. onionskid Says:

    @tenabuckyranks 5 goals the other day not half bad for a young lad ,,,, u no wat they say if ur good enuf ur old enuf !!

  7. TheSamee Says:

    @tech4156 He’s at Liverpool now.

  8. TheSamee Says:

    How the fuck did Christian win?

  9. nelsonproductions1 Says:

    pure amazing raheem real prospect liverpool have on their hands bit too greedy though

  10. MegaJake124 Says:

    Surely this ‘Skillz Skool’ is just a popularity contest among youth academies, no?

  11. tech4156 Says:

    hopefully he wont get stabbed or shot as most qpr youths are getting killed off 4 sm reason.

  12. DKP4 Says:

    See? The faux chavs on Soccer AM know fuck all about ‘skills’. Sterling was miles better there.

  13. kmc4lfc Says:

    Raheem signed for liverpool watch him against southend he scored 5 goals he is amazin and only 16

  14. greendayidiot2k7 Says:

    Max Rushden is a cunt

  15. Mynamesnigel Says:

    @cmoz88 man, my cunt is itchy as fuck.

  16. cmoz88 Says:

    @Mynamesnigel Agreed. Your cunt flaps too much and too often.

  17. lfc353 Says:

    its a bit unrealistic to be expecting raheem to be a first team regular at this stage but i hope he stays with us because he will be top class, a player we’ll need.YNWA

  18. pecknarm4life Says:

    that last thing he did is actually harder than it looks but i wish those players luck in there career and hope raheem lives up to his expectations

  19. Deekstercph Says:

    Good for you. These guys play FOOTBALL, which I will assume they are very much better than you at. Also, the freestyling was fairly good. Stop flappin’ your cunt.

  20. Deekstercph Says:

    I know these comments are old, but I’ve gotta address this. Do you speak English daily? He’s praising him, although in an odd way. He’s saying he’s ‘something else’ and ‘amazing’.

  21. Mynamesnigel Says:

    @TorresinhoLFC I’m so much better in grammar and constructing sentences than this guy.

  22. TorresinhoLFC Says:

    I’m so better in freestyle than this guys :/

  23. TheEyesOFsilence Says:

    Liverpools next big star!

  24. 20DaVe006 Says:


    That raheem cunt´╗┐ is sumin else fukin amazim
    5 months ago

    Haha Leeds fans are just bitterz.´╗┐ No wonderour enemies hate you!
    omfirstutube 5 months ago

    You’re an idiot, how are leeds fans just bitter ? you obviously didnt understand him, he said that raheem is something else, and said he is amazing. he is praising the player. so in what way is he being bitter. dick

  25. h1tz3 Says:

    fuckin koon