Raheem Sterling – The World at his Feet *HD*

Video clip Score: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to “Raheem Sterling – The World at his Feet *HD*”

  1. GreenScouser Says:

    @daglishisking Im 99% sure that his account got deleted unfortunately

  2. daglishisking Says:

    can anybody tell me where is elpistolera

  3. nanibackflip Says:

    QPR would used him in the first team if Liverpool didnt buy him . If he play in QPR first team . He ‘s value will be Bale’s value . With that money QPR can enhance their team . Haha , Seems like Liverpool get him for a cut price . Best signing 🙂

  4. liverpoolfc65123 Says:

    @92SCOUSE agree music today is fucking shit give me 60s 70s 80s n 90s rock anyday im only 20 but fuck me todays music is crap even the bands that were rubbish like poison in the 80s were better thn the shit only difference was there were tons of truly talented bands tody they have 0 talent at all its embarrasing

  5. albanwan9lfc Says:

    great player wonderful

  6. supercck Says:

    hope he doesn’t get wasted like sinam pongelle, el zhar, danny guthrie, adam hammil, paul anderson,lee peltier, chris lindfield all that great talent we had back as FA youth cup winners, give him some games kenny

  7. NikeYouthFootball Says:

    LoL fantastic player, but he runs in a funny way, watch his right hand all the time 😛

  8. 92SCOUSE Says:

    Mate bore off with the shitty songs by all these gay rappers put a bit of thought into what music you put in the vids

  9. TheBigezee77 Says:

    new messi

  10. mangaway Says:

    Seeing as that number is free now they should just give him the number 10 shirt now as he looks way more like a number 10 messi and john barns type player then a number 7 striker type like king kenny or saurez YNWA

  11. centreback13 Says:

    0:45 is awesome!

  12. YOUNGMr1996 Says:

    great player but he must learn to pass the ball then he may even get the chance to player 4 the senior squad

  13. ctfallows Says:

    He just has a nutural unteachable gift for going past players with ease hope he meets his potential and adds quality to a future england team

  14. DnBking88 Says:

    @josmatz we now have downing, playing sterling now is stupid, he needs to develop he is only 17, play him regularly in the 1st team now and he will become injury prone

  15. casualtiesvictim Says:

    he small but had a big talent…when he get to the first team,i hope no injury problem for him..because injury always hunt down LFC young talent..=D

  16. TheOmedome Says:

    the future is orange

  17. rickysprocket1 Says:

    legend! ynwa

  18. grumbler1 Says:

    tehe future is bright )

  19. GreenScouser Says:

    @MisicProduction Till I’m Gone-Tinie Tempah and Wiz Khalifa

  20. MisicProduction Says:

    What’s name of the song ?

  21. josmatz Says:

    I don’t think we need to buy downing or N’Zogbia tbh, save a lot of money and play Sterling. He isn’t at his best but his quick pace will already be enough to get those crosses in for Carrol. Another thing I noticed is he plays a lot like Suarez. We need more of that in our team.

  22. meireles1996 Says:

    @1997Hazem, Owen isn’t scouser

  23. iJcDaMan Says:

    @1997Hazem Rooney aswell of course!

  24. 1997Hazem Says:

    Here’s another wonderkid England. Can’t see why doesn’t England make use of these great young scouser talents. SHAME! Gerrard, Owen, Carra, and the list goes on…

  25. Altairescu Says:

    @thedeafparrot You have to take into consideration the fact that Robben plays in one of best leagues of Europe, while Sterling… Let’s see how he’s gonna be in 3 years. He definitely has potential.