Raheem Sterling on his new Liverpool contract

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25 Responses to “Raheem Sterling on his new Liverpool contract”

  1. almostmitch Says:

    That’s exactly what I said, he is a very talented player, if I had that chance I would take it. Listen to the way he talks, slang words and certain colloquialisms that suggest a very limited vocabulary and lack of knowledge.

  2. johnmafia1 Says:

    yes and your point is? because he never took A-levels that makes him stupid? There are people with masters degrees making a tiny fraction of he is earning as an 18 yr old. You have to work to your strengths and he is clearly is, a very talented footballer and why can’t he use it to make a load of money!

  3. almostmitch Says:

    If he is playing professional football at the age of 17, clearly he hasn’t pursued further education e.g A-levels or University. Instead he is using his talent in football to make a load of money

  4. johnmafia1 Says:

    u think he’s stupid? and who are u, a professor with a phd?

  5. abdul yusuf Says:

    He’s forehead starts to sweat looool someone’s nervous

  6. jerak984 Says:

    And your comment reeks of a level headed person, oh the irony!!! Why don’t you just stop making such a fool of yourself and start using your brain for something constructive?

  7. jerak984 Says:

    Let others decide for them self who they are and what they want to look like, just like you expect other to let you be yourself in every way. It’s called being human, if you can’t handle that then kill yourself. The world certainly doesn’t need another judgemental shit running around thinking he is all square

  8. lfcjohno11 Says:

    New phenomenon sweeping the world. “Suarez stigma.” A place where you are vilified for not owning up to an unintentional richochet handball from 2 yards away, but can be elbowed, stamped on and disallowed legitimate goals in complete and utter media silence.

  9. Andy Ketley Says:

    Or ya know another club if he leaves us.

  10. redforlife253 Says:

    well that is some thing i never taught about in a way this could make a baletoli out of him

  11. matthew Healy Says:

    united supporter myself but thats how the game is big monry for future stars and big money to keep them

  12. KaspaaD Says:

    well no player is bigger than their club, if liverpool roll over to raheems demands what kind of example does that set for the others looking to break first team? and pogba might be doing well, but its not like he wasn’t gunna get played for the man u look how shit their midfield is, and on that basis scholes, neivelle, butt never broke first team until early twenties some players are too greedy and lack patience

  13. redforlife253 Says:

    well in order keep him him we gotta pay him or else he will leave do note that Spurs were trying to get him even city were linked with him
    and abt pogba he is a awesome at juventus

  14. KaspaaD Says:

    ov course its allot he’s on around 35-45 k a week, look at what man u did when Pogba started wanting those sums … “he played almost every game this season” so because a player plays more games for his respective clubs they automatically deserve an increase in wages ? and please don’t tell me to think before i talk, when you cannot even spell before

  15. Neo Man Says:

    Got a deep voice ! Haha brilliant player however, got a good future

  16. redforlife253 Says:

    Mate on wt basis are u telling we gave him a a large wage increase in my opinion he deserves he played almost every game this season and performance were off the hook so think b4 u talk

  17. TheGingerBoy02 Says:

    Why logically would any arsenal fan dislike this vid? We have our own promising players so yah. Sterling is still a great player.

  18. KaspaaD Says:

    good player but i think pool were desperate giving him a large wage increase, they no realise they could have resigned ince or gone for Zaha if raheem was threatening to leave, they should have showed more resolve, wisdom next

  19. Patricio Araya Says:

    WOW!!!! I thought he was going to have a “tiny” voice,but he sound like a boss!

  20. felled Says:

    Glad he cut the faggy top of his gay ass coif….he still runs like a woman though.

  21. TheSongWithOutMusic Says:

    Hope he does well and don´t get fooled by any agents or scouts 😀

  22. Louise Perris Says:

    but a good player!

  23. almostmitch Says:

    he is so stupid, but he can play football well

  24. AmericanKopite21 Says:

    Did you enjoy that cracking match? :D! Some of the best football I’ve seen us play in quite a while.

  25. walkerdelano Says:

    You should of play for Jamaica