Peter Beardsley Tribute

A extended overdue tribute to the greatest player to pull on the renowned black and white shirt in the final three decades- the incomparable Peter Beardsley. Make sure you price and comment: Appreciate!

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26 Responses to “Peter Beardsley Tribute”

  1. Jermyn78 Says:

    7:06 – I was at that game! It was the 1994/1995 season and Toon were playing Crystal Palace. The game was heading for 0-0 until th e89th minute when Beardsley got the ball. It was fucking bedlam when he scored…

  2. Jermyn78 Says:

    Beardsley is my favourite toon player of all time. I wish we had him (in his prime) in our team now – mind if we did, that stupid fat fucking cockney fucking bastard Ashley would have sold him by now.

  3. spevans6 Says:

    Truly one of greatest under rated players of all time

  4. vancanman2 Says:

    Beardo legend

    Whitecaps forever

  5. robhere1982 Says:

    Makes you realise what a horrible state ‘modern’ football is in. Rooney’s goal is now considered the ‘greatest’ ever! What a joke! Today’s players are not naturally talented anymore, anyway they are more interested in making millions, shrewing sluts & showing off their moronic tatoos then anything else. True footballers & gentlemen like Beardsley are gone forever. God he was a joy to watch. Gerard, Rooney, Messi etc are not in the same league, they’re ‘cool’, that’s what makes them popular now!

  6. F1DjzD Says:

    The state of English football is just awful when commentators are lauding Rooney’s shined overhead goal as his best goal ever when compared to what Beardsley, Barnes, Waddle were able to do

  7. CardinalDextrous83 Says:

    Best player I’ve ever seen. Howay the lads.

  8. Aleh1811 Says:

    He seems like a latin player.

  9. LuvWestHam Says:

    What a brilliant player

    Jinky as fuck

  10. Liverpooltilidie74 Says:

    my god he was awesome………fucking awesome!!!
    ronaldo eat your heart out!!!!

  11. starsailor9774 Says:

    My all time favourite player….. As a Villa fan I wish he had played for us, I remember when he scored against us it took all my will power not to jump up and cheer.

  12. WatEverMan2009 Says:

    Im a liverpool fan, but it was a joy to watch keegans newcastle (first time around) andy cole and beardsley. Fantastic

  13. w4ko0ovidz Says:

    i saw him today… what a legend!

  14. Jermyn78 Says:

    7:02 – I was at that game. To say we went mental when he scored was an understatement…

  15. arthur2sheds11111111 Says:


    His first touch @1.48 is the best I have ever seen.

  16. trenthouse4life Says:

    @micletiss7 absolutely! 我们爱他!!!Geordies! Geordies!

  17. micletiss7 Says:


  18. RewindMJ Says:

    True legend and a top bloke, an ambassador to the game. I wish we still had English talent and flair like this.

    In the recent climate of previously great International teams lacking their previous flair, an English team of the early 90’s players like Beardo, Barnes, Gazza, Waddle, Shearer etc. could quite easily go 1 step furthar than they managed in 90′ and win the World Cup.

    I wish they could have added a World Cup to their portfolios, they deserve it.

  19. Mixtupabit Says:

    A magician who also made Andy Cole and resurrected Lineker’s england career..Makes today’s so called “skill” players,Rooney,Gerrard etc look like donkeys..Saw the only game gascoigne,beardsley and waddle played together ..what could have been..

  20. generouspeasant Says:

    in all honesty we spent a fortune but we should have had gazza waddle beardsley and shearer for nowt

  21. Pinkleylandii Says:

    Great video, many thanks

  22. Pinkleylandii Says:

    Great Video, Many thanks

  23. moodswyng Says:

    Peter Beardsley vs Alan Shearer. Choose one.

  24. JM4EDR Says:

    @EQ2snorkle, AMEN

  25. Naloxone2 Says:

    I remember watching him Play in Vancouver in the 80s always my favorite player. Thanks for this tribute!

  26. Man Utd News Says:

    Thanks for this