Pepe Reina 2005 – 2010 // Mega Tribute

* Brand name NEW PEPE REINA Video clip * New video deadicated to Pepe Reina. Includes his very best saves throughout his time at Liverpool, some of his unforgetable celebrations and penalty saves. Clips are a good deal better high quality in comparison to my first video clip. Make sure you experience no cost to comment and rate. As Scouse…

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25 Responses to “Pepe Reina 2005 – 2010 // Mega Tribute”

  1. TheEyesOFsilence Says:

    Pepe is pissing me off!! How could he even think about going to man utd? Spanish players are unloyal

  2. elmatadorluis Says:

    I consider this guy better than Casillas, not because i’m a Liverpool fan, but because he’s dedicated and commited to Liverpool, always gives more than 100%, he creates chances, assists, and celebrates goals, how many keepers do that? just look at the N’gog bit, he got to N’gog before any other player in the pitch !
    Love you Pepe Reina, you’re the best all time !

  3. chinmay168 Says:

    sexy vedio guysss lik it

  4. chinmay168 Says:


  5. beingcoolisbeingme Says:

    Arjen Robben lol! 1:29

  6. bcacba Says:

    @rizzi2007 no hes not lol he is loyal to liverpool and does not wat to leave

  7. rizzi2007 Says:

    @hubcaphubcap haha no hes not! hes off to manchester united after the summer!

  8. antiguakarateca Says:

    pepe reina the best goalkeeper in premier league

  9. LiverpoolFutureSami Says:

    Casillas,Julio Cesar and Valdes disklied this video.

  10. audun50 Says:

    Like a F*cking cat 😛

  11. ScouserKeiran Says:

    That challenge he made against chelsea was just pure class, you never see keepers do that these days

  12. ryanrcpl Says:

    lol 1:29

  13. Sinkor22 Says:

    Want hodgson out? Sign petition here: petitiononline(dot)com/hodgson/petition(dot)html

  14. mattyman17 Says:

    @hubcaphubcap the ironic thing is he actually has been captain for a few games this season, haha 🙂

  15. 96emanon Says:

    i love liverpool

  16. jose0020 Says:

    Grande Pepe Reina!

  17. jose0020 Says:

    @Sinkor22 I think it was when Ngog score the 2-0 against united, in the end of the match

  18. Sinkor22 Says:

    2:09 Can someone please explain what happened there? Why are they celebrating at their own half corner flag?

  19. busteddon Says:

    I love how he celebrates when Liverpool scores a goal. It’s like he scored it. Haha, true passion, true red.


  20. zkjell Says:

    Best goalkeeper in the world!

  21. patchesoffear Says:

    best goalkeeper in the pl.

  22. liverpudlian181 Says:

    @kakaliscien it was a brilliant tackle but he was sent off for pushing the guys face away

  23. JakeLawrence9 Says:

    @Keri023 no it is I made it

  24. JakeLawrence9 Says:

    @31m0r0 Maybe cause he felt like it fuck head!

  25. JakeLawrence9 Says:

    Why don’t you just buy one! C’mon liverpool! You’ll never walk alone!