Liverpool’s Number 9

Filmed with Red A single, uploaded in H.264 2K. I could upload a 4K edition later on. Actor: Mats Sparby Audio by: Thomas Bruun

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25 Responses to “Liverpool’s Number 9”

  1. Lrrrrrrrr Says:


  2. tobso10 Says:

    Torres Unliked this.

  3. bluesteye87 Says:

    That’s brilliant!

  4. menteri007 Says:

    love it.. after this make 1 for reina

  5. ThaAngelus1 Says:

    Should have used red shirts, otherwise awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. StivieGerrard8 Says:

    Legend! Tack fรถr videon! Thanks for the video!

  7. StivieGerrard8 Says:

    Legend! Tack fรถr videon!

  8. serriviktor Says:

    Grymt bra lasse!

  9. kamratjoel Says:

    Torres, who?

  10. LazySmi Says:

    thats not snow thats coke that carroll snorts ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. bbipinn Says:

    loved it

  12. shanklypaisleyrafa Says:

    Love it. Brilliantly done.

  13. Madjourie Says:

    Skitbra ;D

  14. Lrrrrrrrr Says:


  15. totaltrials Says:

    Very nice, well made. At the end when he walked off screen I really wanted him to just come back into shot and start twatting the shirt with the spade.

  16. HewzyLFC Says:

    Top stuff that mate. YNWA

    Lets hope he plays some part sunday especially with no Rio or Vidic.

  17. RoxburghRoxx Says:

    artfully done, I like it

  18. Altairescu Says:

    Simple and brilliant. Simply brilliant! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. sirzouole Says:


  20. Fareeed92 Says:


  21. SexyVikkiBlows Says:

    Riktigt nice =) YNWA

  22. Botvind Says:

    Grym film! ๐Ÿ™‚ YNWA

  23. wowla1 Says:

    Fuckin A dude!!

  24. tgj1992 Says:

    Excellent concept, great execution.

  25. athoisking44 Says:

    Awesome, YNWA