liverpool vs chelsea 4 – 4 (HQ)

this sport developed 8 objectives which is a good deal in football world … damn lol sick sport difficult lucl liverpool 🙂
Video clip Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “liverpool vs chelsea 4 – 4 (HQ)”

  1. crazypunk6396 Says:

    wow ur calling them lucky after 2 years

  2. WillHapgood2 Says:

    Liverpool are so lucky. Deflection and penalty, come one, seriously?

  3. TheHezajovi Says:

    brilliant freeckick from fabio aurelio n power freekick from alex…….both of them from brazil….=)

  4. TheBatchingis Says:

    when ?????

  5. elultimokoala1 Says:

    El mejor partido que he visto de UCL en los ultimos 75 años.
    Saludos desde Medellin!!

  6. xFoxxY1995 Says:

    lampards nothing on stevie g lad

  7. AQWsmithy Says:

    does anyone know how fast the alex free kick was??????

  8. plosivUK Says:

    that first goal was just too sick.

  9. PersianWolverine Says:

    @khizerbhai and… i just love it when drogba at the end.. even he knows he faced a team that never gives up… all of chelsea knows that they met a team that will never walk alone! … and arsenal.. oh yes. i hope you guys win the league.. ive also always been a arsenal fan from the henry days.. that was great.. still i like arsenal.. i just pray that united does not win..

  10. khizerbhai Says:

    @PersianWolverine i remeber this…even though you guys(liverpool fans) were out of the champs league…your players still gave them a standing ovation…now thst something….im an arsenal fan i always say if we dont win the league liverpool should

  11. abdulazizmak Says:

    I’m a man united fan… but I really miss the old liverpool… when gerrard was 22 …

  12. 2608adrian Says:


  13. bullrog12 Says:

    @BuliARSENAL really? lol

  14. lightningstrike95 Says:

    Chelsea came out on top but they can’t deny they didn’t scrape it 😉

  15. noneboy17 Says:

    Where is the HQ ??

  16. marcosgarcias1986 Says:

    That’s why i love CL. So manly, such a direct game with powerful shots, not like in the spanish league, for example Barcelona, touching the ball for hours, all skilled and humble persons…. boooring and kinda gay.

    Besides, Barcelona is having the best time in its History. When Xavi, Messi, Puyol and Iniesta are gone, people will start to remember who the big guns are.

  17. PersianWolverine Says:

    we never give up.. .liverpool may be a beaten team but they always stand tall

  18. 7714074 Says:

    lampard is the best forever

  19. phillip17100 Says:

    drogba macaco fedido

  20. addhitgar Says:

    Liverpool forever YNWA

  21. tord0 Says:

    An epic football match!

  22. popjoeandco Says:


    Hahah yeah and puff daddy at 4:13

  23. beatlelover888 Says:

    @fifa10ajax wow nationalist!!!! SCREW YOU ITS COOL 😀

  24. Kittyboyfan Says:

    @fifa10ajax jewish??

  25. fifa10ajax Says:

    @Kittyboyfan hou gewoon je bek, now you dont understand.