Liverpool. I fu*king love you.

Movie Rating: four / five

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14 Responses to “Liverpool. I fu*king love you.”

  1. kenaulie1 Says:

    @faldosseri Two Steps from Hell – Pax

  2. faldosseri Says:

    What’s the name of the song playing?

  3. playgalatasaray Says:

    @HotTrackzz cfc pride of london—lfc pride of england

  4. kenaulie1 Says:

    @HotTrackzz Liverpool 5, London 0

  5. HotTrackzz Says:

    feck off liverpool, CHELSEA PRIDE OF LONDON.

  6. TheMusiicMan Says:

    nice good work mate YNWA

  7. Conor McLaughlin Says:

    He plays for Preston.. erm…

  8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic AC Milan Says:

    How well is Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing?!

  9. Manchester Utd Says:

    Heart Man Utd

  10. Says:

    Interesting article

  11. Turk Football Says:

    Its all about Turkish football

  12. Chivu Says:

    Had something like this myself last week

  13. Chelsea Blog Says:

    Chelsea will win it

  14. Blackburn Says:

    thanks for this