Liverpool Football Club- 08/09

A quick sum up of LFC’s league and cup games of 2008/2009. Please pay a visit to my news website:
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25 Responses to “Liverpool Football Club- 08/09”

  1. tim16269 Says:

    @greenakias The Fray – Never Say Never 🙂

  2. Abhinandck Says:

    mate !! gr8888888888888888 video i hve never seen my dream teams match for real
    to watch liverpools streek am gona study in london lol
    loveeeeeee liverpool
    they are truly legend !

  3. greenakias Says:

    the name of the song?

  4. billandunoherest Says:

    just watching gerrard lift the CL league makes me smile but then we challenge next year appeeared and that smile disapeared this season has cost us everything

  5. Jon6sic6 Says:

    visited liverpool just a week ago. i can honestly say i love the place just as much as my favorite team. I could feel the red rush through me. Red in my blood till i die. YNWA

  6. gdf7595 Says:

    @DillonSinghBasi atleast their some glory , somthing you guys have not had for 5 years

  7. DillonSinghBasi Says:

    @gdf7595 Good luck jumping to the next club that wins the Premiership, Chelsea. Bye you Glory Hunter.

  8. LFCWKD18 Says:

    i love the song
    i love te vid ( apart frm man u bit )

  9. zhagzi Says:

    Manchester United is, and will remain the best team guys. sorry man. But you know, you all got it figured out yourself :

    YNWA = You’ll Never Win Anything. 😉 Good thing you got it figured out. Oh and which ship has never dock in Liverpool?

    PREMIERSHIP! hahaha

  10. tommotwo Says:

    facts right first 5th thank you very much but FIVE TIMES euro champions

  11. RKJPounce Says:

    shut up manchster champions and premier first or second….liverpool 7 and uefa

  12. tommotwo Says:

    2-0 4-1 2-1 no comment mate

  13. RIvalz08 Says:

    Reds <3 4ever

  14. gdf7595 Says:

    when was the last time liverpool won the epl ? good luck next season

  15. RKJPounce Says:

    lol all the fans of liverpool hate united….srry guys but manu is the manu

  16. celtic1666 Says:

    im with tooumas! i would never compare torres with van nistelrooy! i wouldn’t compare torres with any other striker in the world apart from maybe villa cos he is just simply the worlds best striker! no contest! and beckham compares nothing to gerrard, rush, dalglish, hansen or any other legnd for Liverpool.
    quite simply Liverpool have always been better than united! always will be cos man united will never get past our total of 5 european cups, and counting…

  17. RKJPounce Says:

    hyypia torres??????????????????’you compare torres with van nistelrooy?????????????you compare hyypia with beckham or cantona¿¿¿u are stupid guy

  18. tooumas Says:

    ManU: 18 league wins, Liverpool: 18 league wins
    ManU: 3 champions league wins, Liverpool: 5 champions league wins. And oh man… we have had so many legends like King Kenny, Gerrard, Torres, Rush, Hyypia and so on..

  19. RKJPounce Says:

    which then???chelsea…good team but very important team in the last 6 years….arsenal…great team with great legens and muuuuch premier leagues but in europe…nothing! and liverpool…in the premier nothing and in the europe some titles…but manchester is great in europe like in england….legends like cantona,beckham,ronaldo,van nistelrooy….and more more more…MANU IS THE CLUB OF ENGLAND…BEFORE,NOW AND FOR ALWAYS

  20. tooumas Says:


  21. RKJPounce Says:

    shut up guy mancherster is the team of england

  22. tooumas Says:

    Yea, like I said, top 3 winners: Real(9), Milan(7), Liverpool(5). Can you fucker read? And to remind you, ManU have no chance to get there. 😉

  23. RKJPounce Says:

    Milan is more important than liverpool guy….7 champiosn league

  24. OfeilyOnUtube Says:

    The First Time I Seen This Video, I Cry. Liverpool- The Fray <3 All I Prefere.

  25. rodasgerrard Says:

    i agree with you
    tooumas, we’ll bounce back, we are the true fans 😉